Wordy Wednesdays

A Word With: Phoenix Russell

You may have read about his story in last month’s Rhino Charge feature article, Don’t Call it a Comeback. Well, tomorrow, he takes the next step in his story as he returns to the field for the Hanover Rhinos.
We sit down one more time with Rhinos’ linebacker Phoenix Russell to discuss his last few hours before tomorrow’s showdown with a team he’s very familiar with, the Lancaster Outlaws (12:55 PM, Rhino Charge TV).
GM: Here we are less than two days from your first game with the Rhinos since the injury last year. How do you feel?
PR: I feel as good as I can feel. I’m excited.
GM: What are you most excited about heading into this game?
PR: To prove to (Lancaster defensive coordinator) Shane Houser I should have been starting on defense for his (Central Penn) Piranha (last summer).
GM: How familiar are you with the 10 or so guys Lancaster has from the Piranha?
PR: I’m not sure who they have.
GM: Can you describe what it will mean to be back in a Rhinos uniform this weekend?
PR: Being back is gonna mean a lot to me. I want to change what the league thinks of the Rhinos and I’m gonna do my best to do so.
GM: How much less nerve-wracking will it be to be playing in the game and having an impact on the outcome rather than watching it on Rhino Charge TV?
PR: I feel like I’m gonna be less nervous, ’cause I’ll feel as if I will have some control in the outcome.
GM: As kids, we dream about playing football in the snow and mud. Is it exciting that there’s some interesting weather brewing for the game?
PR: I’ve honestly never played in a really bad muddy field or a snow bowl, so I’m gonna love no matter what Mother Nature throws at me.
GM: Do you have anyone traveling to watch you play?
PR: Not sure yet, but probably not this weekend.
GM: How does your family and girlfriend Rachel feel about you suiting up on Saturday?
PR: My family thinks maybe I should stop, but Rachel supports me in everything I do.
GM: Planning to play both sides of the ball?
PR: I plan to play every play they let me.
GM: Of the new guys on the team, is there anybody you’re really excited to play with for the first time?
PR: All of them! But if I had to pick. Darnell (Thomas)!
GM: What caught your eye about our free safety?
PR: His attitude! He has the right mindset about everything football! He’s a very technically sound player, too.
GM: And finally, what would a win mean to the team and the city of Hanover on Saturday?
PR: It’ll mean we can compete with teams from cities bigger than us. That we aren’t a joke.
Remember, fans, you can catch new Wordy Wednesdays’ segments on Rhino Charge once a week during the regular season. Don’t forget to tune in to our game at Lancaster tomorrow at 12:55 PM on Rhino Charge TV.