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A Word With: Santa Bowl V Hero Stefaun Rascoe


Age: 20 Position: LB

During last December’s Santa Bowl, linebacker Stefaun Rascoe made an indelible mark on his new Hanover Rhinos’ teammates with his starring performance in the game.

For the first time since that game, we sit down with him and discuss the legendary performance.

GM: The Santa Bowl with the Rhinos last December was your first game with the team. What was that feeling like being out on the field for the first time.

SR: It was just that feeling that I have something to prove, that’s all.

GM: What did you have to prove, and to who?

SR: Myself and the team that I belong on the squad and I earned a starter role.

GM: Who did you play for before last year?

SR: The York Generals and Southern Penn Titans.

GM: So, here you are, your first game in Hanover. It’s cold, and there’s been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the team. What’s on your mind as you take your spot at linebacker in black and red for the opening play?

SR: It’s just a focused mindset that was programmed since little league- become a lion, not a gazelle.

GM: How do you feel you did that day at being the hunter instead of the hunted?

SR: Pretty good, supposed to be 2 touchdowns,  a couple tackles, one interception and one fumble recovery. The one (touchdown)`got called back. Overall had an ok game.

GM: You made quite an impression on your new teammates with that interception, a 33-yarder to open the scoring. Take me through what you saw and did on that play.

SR: Well, I just have a nose for the ball. We were in zone coverage, so when I seen (the quarterback) roll out, I was playing run, pass defense after that and I seen the quarterback eye-down the receiver. When he threw, I was just in the right spot at the right time and took off like a cannon, untouched because of my blockers, too.

GM: And what did you feel as you crossed that goal line?

SR: Honestly, I was thinking of a dance to do, but had a brain-fart so I walked off with a manly posture.

GM: If you had it to do over again, how would you celebrate?

SR: Cool myself off ’cause I was on fire.

GM: Who was the first person to greet you on the sideline, and what did they say?

SR: Don’t remember.

GM: You had to go right back out there on defense after that. Did scoring give you an extra burst, or were you tired from running?

SR: More of an adrenaline rush, I wasn’t even tired at all, wanted another one.

GM: And you got another one…at least on film. You ran back a fumble for a touchdown in the closing minutes of the game, but it was called back due to a penalty.

SR: Sure was.

GM: Describe that play for our readers.

SR: I think it was a run play, so my teammates attacked the ball and the ball rolled out and I seen it. The only thing that came to my mind was score and I did it again untouched.

GM: How did that one feel?

SR: Awesome feeling for me to be a defensive player and contribute points on the board.

GM: How long did it take you to realize there was a flag down?

SR: After I scored.

GM: Did you see the flag laying there, or did someone stop you and tell you there was a penalty?

SR: I seen it when I was walking halfway across the field.

GM: Did your heart sink a little bit?

SR: No, just mad ’cause it didn’t count.

GM: Did David Harden take you out for a steak dinner because of his penalty?

SR: No.

GM: After the game, I wanted to interview you, but you bolted out of the park in a hurry. Where were you off to?

SR: Food and a shower. (chuckles).

GM: What was your celebratory post-game meal?

SR: I don’t know.

GM: How memorable was this game, and what will you tell your kids and grand-kids about it someday?

SR: It was a good learning experience for myself on a different team, and just putting on a show for the kids and fans while donating at the same time.

GM: What does the Santa Bowl mean to you?

SR: Helping kids understand you can do good just by doing the little things.

GM: Thank you for your time, and good luck in your recovery from a gruesome injury.


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