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A Word With: Isaac Tynes

isaacGeorge Marinos sat down with Hanover Rhinos second-year corner Isaac Tynes to discuss everything from his dance moves to his long-time desire to play semi pro football.

GM: I’m here with Isaac “IBoogie” Tynes. How did you get your nickname?

IT: It came from my friends in high school, it started from me knowing how to dance very well. Pretty much, I knew how to boogie on the dance floor, and my name begins with I.

GM: Where did you attend high school, and what was your experience there?

IT: I went to high school at New Era Academy in Cherry Hill, which is in the south side of Baltimore City. I loved my experience there. It wasn’t like any other high school you hear about. The staff and faculty were really like family. As a matter of fact, I still keep in touch with some of them until this day . They helped me with certain skills I needed to survive after graduation, and I hold those skills and values high to this very day.

GM: On the blog, we’ve discussed all kinda of school shenanigans with players, from starting food fights, to nasty lunch menu items. Tell us a crazy story from high school.

IT: My sophomore year, I remember a school riot happening with Southside Academy, another school that we shared the building with, and it started with some people in the neighborhood that didn’t like anyone that went to our school for some odd reason. I remember police and emergency medical workers were called for pepper spray victims and kids and some staff that were injured due to that riot.

GM: That’s scary stuff. Did you play football in high school?

IT: I did, I played cornerback, but didn’t grasp the concept until my junior year. I love the experience I had and obtained from playing in high school football.

GM: At what point did you know you wanted to play football at the next level?

IT: I always wanted to extend my level of playing. I’ve had my mentors and friends push me towards the next level . And also after I graduated I took a break from football for about three years, and I just missed it like crazy. That’s how I got into semi pro.

GM: Talk about your first moments with your first semi pro team?

IT: The Maryland Redhawks were my first semi pro team I played for, it was an ok organization, nothing out of the ordinary. But the organization did help me get my feet wet in this football world. I loved my experiences, both positive and negative, from dealing with the Redhawks.

GM: How did you hear about the Hanover Rhinos, and what made you want to join the team?

IT: My previous team, the Maryland Redhawks, actually had a scrimmage against Hanover, and at the next practice, the owner of the Redhawks let players know that Hanover was looking for some more players to join the team. I saw that Hanover had quality about them, from players to coaches, and that sparked my interest to become a part of this quality organization.

GM: Do you remember the first time you met your Rhinos’ teammates after joining the team?

IT: I remember it was a team luncheon at Chris Bunty’s house, and I remember meeting everyone there and they welcomed me and some of the new teammates in with open arms.

GM: What’s the best part of being in the Rhino family?

IT: To me, it’s the quality of the team that I love, being able to have a team back you up no matter the case. It’s family-oriented here at Hanover, and that’s hard to find with a lot of the semi pro teams that are out there.

GM: What are some of your hobbies when you’re not on the football field?

IT: I love relaxing with my friends and family. I’m a foodie type of guy, so I love eating at new restaurants, trying different foods, and also, I love going to the gun range and shooting with my gun club.

GM: What type of gun do you prefer?

IT: I love the FNS-9mm handgun. I’ve always loved handguns. Everyone I know likes AR-15’s, but I stick to my handguns.

GM: Talk to me about what makes this handgun special.

IT: It’s American made, a very good quality handgun.It stays on point regardless how many rounds are shot from it, it’s easy to take apart and clean, and parts that are made to modify it are reasonable and sturdy. And plus, the price is a lot cheaper than some handguns on the market.

GM: At the range, how good are you at the targets?

IT: A lot of people say they can shoot, but me, I am a moderate shot. I know a lot about , itbut I’m still learning as well, and I’m learning from research and members of my gun club who are experts in this 2A LIFESTYLE (2nd amendment).

GM: Have you ever tried skeet shooting?

IT: I haven’t as of yet, but believe it or not it’s something I want to try sooner than later.

GM: When you first joined the gun club, did any of your friends or family members tell you not to shoot yourself in the foot?

IT: No, not at all. My family and friends all knew my interest in guns, and my family made sure I did my homework on any type of weapon before handling it.

GM: I had to ask, because my Grandpa, who served in Korea, always makes Barney Fife jokes when people tell him about their interest in guns.

We have our gun raffle, sponsored by Land Of The Free Firearms, at our next home game. Fans can still buy tickets to that by contacting Christopher Bunty at 717-465-0782. Have you taken a look at the list of guns included in the raffle, and if so, is there one that you are particularly impressed with?

IT: I have, and all the guns that are included in the raffle are awesome, but the Mossberg 500 3-in-1 is probably my favorite. It’s so hard to come by. To me it’s kinda like the unicorn of weapons, we all know it’s out there, but rarely or never see it.

GM: More exciting- firing the Mossberg 500 3-in-1, or getting an interception?

IT: Not an easy choice, but definitely an interception any day, but an interception with a touchdown to top it off would be a lot better.

GM: What has to happen for the Rhinos to beat the Maryland Phantoms this week?

IT: Honestly, we have to play like we did this past weekend, like a family, we have to play and protect each other while on that field, as long as we put a body on a body and play with heart, then we should come out with that win. The one thing I always say is- any team we play, the guys on that team are human like us, they feel pain and hurt just like us, so it’s no need to be afraid of anything on that field.

GM: Thanks for your time.

IT: Anytime, I definitely appreciate you choosing me to do an interview.