2016 Trivia

George Marinos Rhino Charge card #45 trivia answer:
George is of Greek ancestry. His great-grandfather on his father’s side immigrated to the United States from Greece in the early 1900’s. The family’s name was originally Marinakos, but was shortened to blend in with the American culture.

Lauren Goodman Rhino Charge card #44 trivia answer:
When there were rumblings of NFL expansion coming to Baltimore in 1993, one of the proposed team names was the Baltimore Rhinos. In 1996, the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore, and the team became the Ravens.

Christopher Bunty Rhino Charge card #43 trivia answer:
Bunty suited up as a lineman for the 2014 Santa Bowl game against Germantown.

Noah Sneeringer Rhino Charge card #42 trivia answer:
A: In the 2009 PIAA Class AA Championship game, Sneeringer, playing for Delone Catholic, sacked record-setting Lancaster quarterback Kyle Smith. Smith graduated as Pennsylvania’s all-time leading passer in both the yards and touchdown passes categories.

Jason Gigous Rhino Charge card #41 trivia answer:
Gigous attended South Western high school (Hanover, Pa.), and graduated in June 2007. He played varsity football from 2004-06, and, though his Mustangs went 0-3 against Gettysburg, they went 24-8 against everyone else in those three years, and made an appearance in the 2006 PIAA District III Championship game. Gigous set a school-record with 151 tackles in 2006, a record that was broken by Carnie Fryfogle (163) in 2011.

Damion Garrison, Jr. Rhino Charge card #40 trivia answer:
Garrison says he hopes to coach football someday.

Jamel Leighton Rhino Charge card #39 trivia answer:
Rhinos’ trainer Lauren Goodman is Leighton’s sister-in-law. Leighton is married to Goodman’s sister, Megan.

Charles Walls Rhino Charge card #35 trivia answer:
Walls attended Littlestown Senior High School for his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. He wrestled at 145 and 152 lbs., racking up a 105-22 record, including 35 pins. He placed 8th in the state at 152 lbs. in 2008.

Lloyd Welford Rhino Charge card #34 trivia answer:
Welford is second only to Caleb Burns on the Rhinos’ all-time interception list. The two were football teammates at Spring Grove High School.

Adam Bostian Rhino Charge card #33 trivia answer:
Bostian has a 4-6 head coaching record with the Rhinos, and his 4 wins are second only to Jimmy Moffitt’s 11 on the all-time Rhinos’ list.

Dustin Lauver Rhino Charge card #31 trivia answer:
Lauver started the year wearing the nameless #42 jersey. His #77 jersey with his name plate on the back arrived in time to be worn during the 4th game of the year, 4/9 @ Carroll County. It marked the first game Lauver saw significant time on defense.

Bernard Jackson Rhino Charge card #30 trivia answer:
Bernard Jackson wore three different numbers over the course of his 5 games played in 2016. The numbers were 42, 24, and 16. He started his campaign wearing #42, but the jersey tore in his first game, at Carroll County on 4/9. He switched to #16 for the next two games, but wore Danny Wonder’s jersey, #24, in week 8 at York, because he wanted a tighter jersey. When Wonder returned in week 9, Jackson switched back to #16.

Greg Day Rhino Charge card #29 trivia answer:
Day attended Biglerville High School, and was a senior on the Canners’ 1971 Blue Mountain League Championship team. The Canners finished the regular season 8-1, wrapping up the outright league crown with a 34-6 home win over Gettysburg in the final game.

Jeremy Renoll Rhino Charge card #28 trivia answer:
Renoll’s 101 tackles in 2016 shattered the previous single-season Rhinos record of 64, which was set by outside linebacker Stephen Smith in 2015.

David Long Rhino Charge card #27 trivia answer:
In week 8 at York, in the Rhinos’ 7th game of the season, David Long wore a black #23 jersey, because he didn’t have a gray Rhinos away jersey with his usual #56. That number was worn by Silas Hall in the game.

Greg Ginter Rhino Charge card #26 trivia answer:
At one of the mid-season Rhinos’ practices, team statistician George Marinos accidentally referred to Greg Ginter as “Keith Ginter”. Keith Ginter was a utility infielder for the Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, and Oakland Athletics of MLB from 2000-2005.

Kody Taylor Rhino Charge card #25 trivia answer:
Taylor passed his 2015 sack mantle to TJ Ford of the Virginia Mutiny in 2016. Ford’s league-leading sack total was 13.5.

Lakeith Parker Rhino Charge card #24 trivia answer:
On 5/14, in the ninth game of the season, Parker chased down Franklin County’s DJ Branche on the opening kickoff to record his only special teams tackle of the season.

Eric Rowe Rhino Charge card #22 trivia answer:
White rhinos and black rhinos live in the grasslands and floodplains of eastern and southern Africa. Greater one-horned rhinos can be found in the swamps and rain forests of northern India and southern Nepal. Sumatran and Javan rhinos are found only in small areas of Malaysian and Indonesian swamps and rain forests.

Credit: livescience http://www.livescience.com/27439-rhinos.html

Jordan Gardner Rhino Charge card #21 trivia answer:
Gardner attended New Oxford High School, and graduated in June 2015. The highlight of his football career came as a junior on 9/20/13, when he caught the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime vs. local rival South Western.

Justin Lewis Rhino Charge card #20 trivia answer:
A: Lewis attended Littlestown Senior High School, and graduated in June 2010. He played varsity football for three years as an offensive and defensive tackle. He recorded 4 tackles and a blocked field goal, as the Thunderbolts went 22-11 from 2007-09.

Adrian Acevedo Rhino Charge card #19 trivia answer:
Acevedo went by the name A.J. at Gettysburg Area High School. As a junior in 2008, Acevedo tallied 32 tackles, 6.0 TFL’s, 2.5 sacks, and a rushing touchdown for the Warriors.

Dallas Carter Rhino Charge card #17 trivia answer:
Three species of Rhinos are considered endangered. They are the Javan, Sumatran, and Northern White rhino.

Michael Small Rhino Charge card #18 trivia answer:
Small attended Gettysburg High School, where he played football briefly, before graduating in 2011.

Charles Smith Rhino Charge card #16 trivia answer:
There are conflicting reports about how far rhinos can actually see. Much of what we believe about rhino eyesight is based on anecdotal reports by big game hunters. For example, one common statement about black rhinos is that they are remarkably nearsighted, and unable to tell the difference between a man and a tree even as close as 20 meters away. There doesn’t appear to be any empirical evidence to support this assertion, but it seems to explain the species’ sometimes aggressive behavior when approached by humans.  However, a recent anatomical study of the black rhino’s retina at an Australian university suggests that the human form should be detectable at nearly 200 meters – 10 times the distance previously suspected.

Credit: The International Rhino Foundation Blog.

Jack Isennock Rhino Charge card #15 trivia answer:
Jack scored a 34-yard interception return touchdown on 5/14 vs. Franklin County, and added a 55-yard fumble return TD the following week in the season finale at Harrisburg. In doing so, he became the first player in Rhinos’ history to have two defensive touchdowns in the same season.

Richard Settle Rhino Charge card #14 trivia answer:
There are five known species of rhinos. They are as follows: black, white, Sumatran, Javan, and greater one-horned.

Travis Garretson Rhino Charge card #13 trivia answer:
A rhino horn is made up primarily of keratin – a protein found in hair, fingernails, and animal hooves.

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Jeremy Knaub Rhino Charge card #12 trivia answer:
Knaub attended Red Lion High School in York, Pa. He graduated in 2011. Knaub played football and baseball, and was the leading rusher, tackler, and scorer on the Lions’ 2010 PIAA District III finalist football team.

Danny Wonder Rhino Charge card #11 trivia answer:
White rhinos are between 5 1/2 feet and 6 feet on average, while black rhinos average 4.3-5.9 feet. Indian rhinos generally range between 5.3 and 6.3 feet.

Michael Lowery Rhino Charge card #10 trivia answer:
A: Both black and white rhinoceroses are actually gray. They are different not in color, but in lip shape. The black rhino has a pointed upper lip, while its white relative has a squared lip. The difference in lip shape is related to the animals’ diets.

Credit: National Geographic.

Dorell Blue Rhino Charge card #9 trivia answer:
Dorell is a big Carolina Panthers fan, and can be seen wearing his Panthers’ hat almost anywhere throughout the week.

Alex Elliott Rhino Charge card #8 trivia answer:
 Nick Novak kicked a 26-yarder with 34 seconds left at College Park on November 9, 2002 vs. NC State, and replicated the feat with a 43-yarder with 23 seconds to go in the rematch at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 22, 2003.
The 2002 loss was especially painful for the Wolfpack, as they came into the game ranked #13 in the nation.
Novak later became teammates with NC State’s quarterback, Philip Rivers, on the NFL’s San Diego Chargers.

Dominic Cotterino Rhino Charge card #7 trivia answer:
Cotterino went to Hereford High School in Whitehall, Maryland. He played football with current Rhino Alex Isennock, and they graduated in June of 2014. Rhinos’ safety Jack Isennock graduated the same school a year later.

Silas Hall Rhino Charge card #6 trivia answer:

Bermudian Springs plays football in the York-Adams Interscholatic Athletic Association (YAIAA) Division III. The Eagles have moved up to Class AAA, with the PIAA now expanding to 6 classifications in football.

Dustin Knode Rhino Charge card #5 trivia answer:
The New England Patriots last losing season came in the 2000 NFL season. It was the first year for head coach Bill Belichick, and the rookie season for Tom Brady, who was the third-string quarterback, and attempted just 3 passes. The Miami Dolphins won the AFC East with an 11-5 record.

Jason Landis Rhino Charge card #4 trivia answer:
Rhinos are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants. White rhinos, with their square-shaped lips, are ideally suited to graze on grass. Other rhinos prefer to eat the foliage of trees or bushes.

Credit: Kids’ Planet: Defenders of Wildlife.

DeAnte Weldon Rhino Charge card #3 trivia answer:
When Weldon raced for 99 kick return yards on 4 kickoffs at York on 4/30/16, he broke the Rhinos’ single-game record of 85 kick return yards. The previous mark was set by BaShawn McFadden on 4/11/15 at Germantown.

Titus Geesey II Rhino Charge card #2 trivia answer: 
A: White rhinos have a gestation period of approximately 16 months. Records of captive breeding in zoos vary between 480 and 548 days’ gestation. Females usually give birth for the first time at the age of 6.5-7 years.

Credit: Bisbee’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Isaac Tynes Rhino Charge card #1 trivia answer: 
A: If a Rhino is dehorned without cutting into the skull, it can grow back to almost full size after three years. However, if the rhinos skull is cut into while being dehorned, it could complicate or completely compromise the re-growth of the horn.

Credit: Bisbee’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund.  https://www.bisbeesconservationfund.org/Conservation/SaveTheRhino/faq.aspx