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The Five Most Unbreakable Records in Rhinos History


Kody Taylor (86) warms up before a game against the Virginia Vengeance at Byrd Stadium Practice Field on March 14, 2015. Photo Credit- Chris Bunty, Bunty Digital Creations.

Most sports teams have a few records that make you go ‘What the Heck??!’ when you see them. These records often seem impossible, and it makes you wonder how they were achieved.
If the record seems impossible to have been set, it often stands to reason that the record is unbreakable. Here are the five most unbreakable records in Hanover Rhinos’ football history.

1. Most Interceptions in a Game- 9
It didn’t take the Rhinos very long to set an unbelievable record. On March 14, 2012, in the 5th game in franchise history, the Rhinos racked up a season’s worth of interceptions in 4 quarters. Karem Bentajar set a Rhinos’ individual single-game record with 3 picks, and Chase Scharf hauled in two, but the fun didn’t stop there. The Franklin County Tigers’ home crowd at James Buchanan High School watched in horror as the Rhinos scored two defensive touchdowns, one by Adam Bostian, and one by Greg Murray.
Franklin County’s quarterback tandem, led by Brandon Ellis, racked up just 49 yards through the air. The running game wasn’t any better, netting just 5 yards. Both the rushing yards and total yards are the fewest allowed by Hanover in a game.

2. Most Individual Fumble Recoveries in a Game- 4, Richard Settle
It wasn’t a banner season for the Rhinos. However, 2016 was a great individual year for linebacker Richard Settle, as he set a Rhinos’ rookie record with 87 tackles, good for third in the league.
Settle also had quite an odd game on 5/7/16 against the Caroll County Cannons. Carroll County left Manheim Adventure park happy, as they won 38-0. However, it would have been fitting if they left the football behind for Settle.
Settle recorded 12 tackles, 2 hurries, and a forced fumble, but it was his fumble recoveries that turned heads on the sunny spring day.
Settle recovered a first quarter fumble by Josh Yacovissi, and one fumble by Timothy Harrison in each of the second, third, and fourth quarters. Settle also had an end zone interception negated by a teammate’s penalty in the game.

3. Longest Scoreless Streak- 301 minutes and 59 seconds
This is a streak that no one ever wants to see matched even halfway.
The futility of the 2016 season reached a head, starting with the second half of the fourth game of the season at Carroll County.
Four-and-1/2 games, two head coaches, and a quarterback change later, the streak finally ended.
The Rhinos had only ever been shutout 4 times in team history prior to the streak.
The streak was nearly broken about halfway through. In the fourth quarter against Anne Arundel County in week 6, Jordan Gardner hooked up with Amir Pearson for what looked to be a sure 60-yard touchdown, but Pearson, who was all alone, fumbled at the 1-yard line.
Richard Settle finally broke the streak with a spectacular 55-yard touchdown run on the first play of the second half of the home finale vs. Franklin County.

4. Most Sacks in a Season- 14, Kody Taylor
Nobody expected Taylor, a local car salesman who played in a few games for the Rhinos in 2014, to perform as spectacularly as he did in 2015.
By the time the season ended, everyone knew his name, and the accomplishments he had achieved.
The Spring Grove graduate started his assault on opposing quarterbacks in week one, when he brought Virginia Vengeance quarterback Phonta Williams to the ground twice.
Taylor played in 9 regular season games in 2015, and he recorded a sack in all but one of those contests. He set and tied his own Rhinos record for sacks in a single game with 3 on 4/11 and 5/23.
Taylor finished the year as the AFA sack leader, and was named an all-star for his efforts.
Taylor’s record will be especially tough to break because of his 1.55 sacks-per-game rate during his record season. That per-game rate is better than any NFL sack leader since Reggie White had 1.75 per game in the 1987 season.

5. Longest Made Field Goal- 51 yards, Zak Kruger
Alex Elliott certainly has the leg to tie, or break, this record. However, so much goes into a successful field goal attempt that gets taken for granted when watching an NFL game.
There’s the snap, the hold, the blocking, and all that has to be perfected enough to give the kicker confidence in the unit he’s working with.
All of that came together for the Hanover Rhinos’ field goal unit on April 12, 2014, at Parkside Park in Baltimore, Maryland.
On the sunny afternoon in the thick grass, the Rhinos’ offense moved to the outer reaches of field goal range.
The field goal unit took the field.
A group of players all local to Hanover were the principle factors in the play.
Chase Scharf (Spring Grove ’11) snapped the ball, Zac Carrick (Hanover ’05) put it down on the spot, and Zak Kruger (South Western ’09) planted and swung his right leg.
The result was a team-record 51-yard field goal.

It would be hard to imagine any of these team records falling anytime soon, but the sheer fact that they were set in the first place proves that anything is possible.