After Party

Card number 23 features a player that did something not many ever get to experience- he was married on the football field before one of his team’s games! He also did something else not many Rhinos have done- his Rhino Charge card number is the same as his jersey number.

Ladies and gentlemen…




Call to the Hall

We move on to card #6 of the 2016 Rhino Charge team set with another player that was an AFA rookie in 2016. He played on the offensive line for the Rhinos just a few short years after graduating from one of the local high schools.


Red Zone Dead-Zone


Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost.

The Hanover Rhinos did almost everything right against Anne Arundel County on Saturday, but a few big mistakes did them in. Read about the game here:

Anne Arundel 16, Hanover 0

Red Zone Dead-Zone: Rhinos can’t capitalize vs Colts


DeAnte Weldon (left) of the Hanover Rhinos tackles Chris Smith (8) of the Anne Arundel County as Bernard Jackson (right) comes in for support. Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost.

GLENVILLE, Pa.- All the pieces were lining up for the Hanover Rhinos, and it looked like the pre-game Klinefelter wedding may have brought good fortune for Snacktown’s warriors.

The defense was as dominant as ever. The special teams was dominating the field-position battle. Jordan Gardner threw for 162 yards, a career high.

However, once the Rhinos hit the opponent’s 30-yard line, a magic barrier sprung up, and the Anne Arundel Colts left Pennsylvania with a 16-0 win, despite not scoring an offensive touchdown.

The Rhinos went 0-for-3 in the red zone, but were 0-for-5 on drives reaching the 30. On 16 plays after reaching the magic mark, Hanover lost 26 yards, threw 2 interceptions, and fumbled 3 times.

Even when the play didn’t start inside the 30, misfortune struck as soon as a live ball crossed the threshold.

Amir Pearson was racing in for an uncontested touchdown in the fourth, but lost a fumble at the 1-yard line. The Rhinos were also left standing at the altar for the second straight week, as the game ended while they attempted to get a snap off, while in the red zone.

For the first time since week one, the Rhinos kicked off first. Alex Elliott boomed his longest kickoff of the season, pushing the return-man back to the 8.

Playing his first game as a married man, Cody Klinefelter saved a touchdown when he dragged the returner down at the Hanover 25, after a 67-yard return.

It was the only time Anne Arundel County possessed the ball inside the Hanover 42.

Charles Smith raised up and deflected Keith Smothers’ first pass 20 yards down the field.

A fourth-down toss to the end zone sailed out of bounds to the left, and Hanover took over at the 27.

Called on to punt for the first time all year, Adrian Acevedo (Gettysburg ’10) got about 15 yards of roll to net a 40-yard punt, but a penalty on the Colts brought it back to 4th-and-1, and the Rhinos went for it.

Bernard Jackson raged around the left end of the line and clattered through several tacklers for a 16-yard run, and a first down. However, Colts star Ronald Smith recovered Gardner’s fumble on the next snap, ending the drive.

On the ensuing drive, Jeremy Renoll (South Western ’05) shadowed tight end Darin Jones over the middle, then tipped the incoming pass to himself for an interception, before twirling around and rumbling down the visitor’s sideline, his eyes on the end zone.

Smothers fought off Renoll’s stiff-arm, and chopped him down at the Colts’ 17 after a 40-yard return.

Gardner put the next snap on the ground, though, and Ronald Smith earned his second fumble recovery of the game.

Renoll angled around Jones on the next play, swatting the ball down with both hands, and generating oohs and ahhs from the Rhinos bench, which thought the 29-year old linebacker had his second interception of the game.

Hanover advanced to the Colts’ 30 with Amir Pearson at quarterback on the next drive.

A fumbled snap on one play was followed by a diving interception by Michael Evans at the Anne Arundel 25.

The Colts marched to the Rhinos’ 43, but, on a short 4th-and-8 pass, Jeremy Knaub plastered Chris Smith in the backfield.

On first down, Gardner aired it out and hit tight end Acevedo for a 24-yard gain along the left hash. It was Acevedo’s first catch of the season.

A Colts’ player was called for a strange penalty- a five-yarder for not wearing knee pads. However, that was the last advancement for the Rhinos on that particular drive.

Gardner pooch-punted down to the 8, the ball going over the head of returner Andre Clake. The ball bounced and took a wicked spin back over Clake’s head, and he grasped at it in vain. DeAnte Weldon leapt on the ball for Hanover, and, after some discussion, the officials decided that Clake had indeed touched the ball, and awarded it to Hanover at the Colts’ 11.

Trevon Williams wrestled Gardner to the ground for a 10-yard sack on a play where both men had ahold of eachother’s facemasks. The officials politely declined to throw a flag.

Already in range for an Elliott field goal attempt, Gardner tossed the ball up for grabs on 3rd-and-19, and Michael Evans snagged the interception before being dragged out of bounds.

Anne Arundel County ran out the remaining 1:27 of the first half.

Cris Bull’s first pass deflection of the game forced the Rhinos to punt away the opening possession of the third quarter.

It took the Colts 8 plays to struggle toward midfield, but on the 9th play, Pearson nabbed a leaping interception of Smothers’ pass at the Hanover 43.

With the score still 0-0, Hanover began its most dramatic drive on the golden, sun-drenched field.

Gardner fueled the drive when he rolled right on 3rd-and-6, and hit Michael Small (Gettysburg ’11) for 41 yards and Small’s longest catch of the season to the Colts’ 10.

And so began a tug-of-war between the offense and defense.

Hanover moved backwards, then, earned a first down on a third down holding penalty on Bull.

A negative play and a penalty moved Hanover back, and then, Gardner moved them forward with a desperation heave to Small, who toe-tapped for 9 yards along the home sideline.

Rhinos fans began to gather along the side of the field, urging their team to go in for the ice-breaking score.

Alas, the quarter ended as the drama swelled, and all those fans had to walk down to the other end of the field to get close-up to the action.

When play resumed, Gardner lofted a pass just out of the reach of Dominic Cotterino in the end zone.

It was now fourth down.

Head coach Ben Davis called for the field goal unit to try and break the scoreless deadlock.

Dallas Carter snapped the ball, Gardner reached a little out in front to grab it, and Elliott began his approach to the ball.

As he looked up, a hoard of Colts were bearing in on him after breaching the line standing.

Elliott kicked the ball, and it thudded solidly off one of the rusher’s ankles. Elliott was leveled by the unruly mob as the ball shot 30-yards back, toward midfield.

Mavricus Gross picked the ball up and raced 55 yards for the opening touchdown.

Smothers tossed a short pass to Jones for the two-point conversion to make it 8-0.

Three plays later, Gardner’s deep heave over the middle was intercepted by Clake, and he made a beeline for the end zone, scooting down the sideline as numerous Rhinos dove at his ankles. He made it safely into the end zone for a 47-yard touchdown.

The Colts ran for the two-point conversion, and it was 16-0 with 13:16 left in regulation.

The ball took the circuitous route from Gardner to Pearson for the longest play of the Rhinos’ season.

Gardner tossed it deep down the home sideline, and Bull deflected it back to his left, before it shot off Clake, and into the hands of Pearson.

Pearson ran for the end zone, and stuck the ball out to celebrate inside the 5. The ball squirted loose, and Bull fell on it at the 1 for Anne Arundel.

The Rhinos got one more shot when Travis Garretson and Renoll stuffed Smothers on 4th-and-1 late in the fourth.

However, the game ended with the ball on the Colts’ 15.

Wedding & A Ballgame

weddyRhinos defensive back Cody Klinefelter will be married on the field Saturday, as the Hanover Rhinos host a unique community event. Read more here:
Read more about Cody here:


Hanover vs. Anne Arundel County preview

4/23: Rhinos vs Anne Arundel County Colts

The Hanover Rhinos battle against the unknown and the known in week 7, as brand-new league member Anne Arundel County visits Snacktown. The familiar factor is the Rhinos’ 1-4 start, identical to the mark through 5 games last year, when Hanover rallied for a playoff berth. Every game is important for the Black and Red from here on out.

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday at 1:00 PM, pre-game wedding at 10:30 AM, Manheim Adventure Park, 4565 Camp Woods Rd, Glenville, PA 17329

WEATHER FORECAST: 66 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy. Chance of rain: 20%.

SERIES HISTORY: This is the first meeting between the teams.

SAY I DO: Preceding the game, Hanover Rhinos defensive back Cody Klinefelter will be married to fiancee Bethabara Ford in an official ceremony on the 50 yard-line. Zachary Klinefelter will be officiating the ceremony.

RHINOS’ OUTLOOK: Team captain Jeremy Renoll continues his quest for the AFA’s tackle title. He is 3rd in the league with 60, and has one more game left than the leader, Mid-Atlantic’s Robert Nash, who has 74 stops through 6 games. Nash is averaging 12.3 tackles per game, and Renoll is just a tick behind, with 12.0.
Renoll set a Hanover Rhinos’ single game record with 15 tackles against Harrisburg in week 6.
Last week, Hanover failed to record a sack for the 2nd time in the last 3 games. However, the defensive unit held Harrisburg’s Mike DeTemple to 4-of-18 passing, and Jack Isennock nabbed his team-leading 2nd interception of the campaign.
The 36-0 score against Harrisburg was misleading, as the Sharks started three of their scoring drives on the plus-side of midfield.
The offense made strides, picking up 130 yards, its most since week 1. Quarterback Jordan Gardner’s 89 passing yards were his most since week 1 as well. Alex Isennock continues to torch defensive secondaries. His 3 catches for 49 yards against the Sharks give him a team-high 12 for 191.

SCOUTING THE COLTS: The Colts have had a strange season. Their 1-4 record could certainly be excused by the fact that they play in the South Division, the toughest division in the AFA based on average power ranking (63.4). By contrast, the Rhinos’ division has an apr of 80.6.
Despite playing the Virginia Chargers, Germantown, and the Maryland Phantoms tough, the Colts are the only team to lose to Franklin County, and they did so at home, by a score of 10-0.
The Colts run a spread offense that has been short-circuited on several occasions, including being shutout by Germantown in week 1, and the week 5 loss to Franklin County. Quarterback Keith Smothers’ favorite target is tight end Darin Jones.
A massive front seven highlights the Colts’ defense. Middle linebacker Ronald Smith is the heartbeat of a defense that prefers to choke off the short passing game.