Rhino Charge XL

Card 40 of the Rhino Charge set is here, and it features a player who came to the Rhinos this year after being part of an incredible high school football season at a small school 7 years ago.



Card #39

Our 2nd Rhino Charge card of the week features a Rhinos veteran that made a huge impact in 2015. His impact in 2016 reached beyond the field, as he helped bring a key staff member aboard that is still a big part of the team. For the answer to who that person is, go to “Trivia” on the Rhino Charge home page for the answer.



Card #36

We’re midweek here at Rhino Charge, and we’re releasing our second-to-last card of the week. It features a player who toils hard on the field, doing the dirty work, and making the plays on special teams that often go unnoticed. Oh yeah, he also started a game at linebacker in 2016. Here he is…


Adam Bossman

Card #33 is the first to feature non-player personnel from 2016. This guy could quite possibly be called “Mr. Rhino” since he’s been with the team from day one, and filled almost every thinkable position within the organization. Can we get you to suit up in the mascot’s costume next year?


The Big Loov Returns

Earlier, you saw Dustin Lauver’s AFA All-Star card. Now, we release his Rhino Charge team set card. Even though they don’t pronounce his name right in Harrisburg, we still appreciate him here in Hanover.


Action Jackson

Card #30 of the Rhino Charge team set celebrates a running back who pulled away from his competition in 2016 with a ferocious running style. Here he is, running through another tackle…


After Party

Card number 23 features a player that did something not many ever get to experience- he was married on the football field before one of his team’s games! He also did something else not many Rhinos have done- his Rhino Charge card number is the same as his jersey number.

Ladies and gentlemen…