The Founder of Rhino Charge

Card 45 is the final official card of the 2016 Rhino Charge team set. It features the team statistician and creator of this website.





Good Place to Continue

Card #44 of the Rhino Charge team set is our second-to-last official card of the set. It features a veteran of two seasons of Hanover Rhinos football. This person has been very important in the day-to-day operations of the football team, and can be seen at every game and practice throughout the year.



15 Gigous-bytes of Football

As we draw near to the end in our presentation of the 2016 Rhino Charge team set, we honor a player that only got to play one game in 2016, but, as always, he managed to leave everything he had on the field. Introducing a local high school legend-turned Hanover Rhino, card #41…



Rhino Charge XL

Card 40 of the Rhino Charge set is here, and it features a player who came to the Rhinos this year after being part of an incredible high school football season at a small school 7 years ago.


Card #39

Our 2nd Rhino Charge card of the week features a Rhinos veteran that made a huge impact in 2015. His impact in 2016 reached beyond the field, as he helped bring a key staff member aboard that is still a big part of the team. For the answer to who that person is, go to “Trivia” on the Rhino Charge home page for the answer.