Rhino Bites

Today’s featured new player on Rhino Bites is a two-way iron-man who comes to the Rhinos via the Carroll County Cannons. He has been impressing all camp, and led the Rhinos with 12 tackles in their preseason game.

He is…



Age: 28                                       Hometown: Perryville, Md.                   Class: Perryville ’07                           Positions: LB/RB

#1. Your given name is Jeremy. Where does the nickname Bear come from?

BB: It was given to me when I was born, by my grandmother, said I looked like a black bear when I was born.

#2. Tell us a little about your home town.

BB: Grew up in Perryville, Md., little small town, nothing too exciting, definitely nothing like Hanover.

#3. What is Hanover like to a newcomer?

BB: It has that small-city feel to it. Anytime you can put north and south in front of a town name, it’s a city.

#4. So, in many ways, Hanover feels like home to you?

BB: Yeah, you could say that.

#5. What led to your decision to join the Rhinos for the 2018 season?

BB: After the Cannons folded, I looked at other teams, Rhinos have been around for a long time and are well put-together organization, it was a no-brainer on where to go.

Thanks, fans, for tuning into another edition of Rhino Bites.

The regular season opener is only two weeks away! Keep your eyes open for new editions of Rhino Bites until the ball is kicked off on Saturday, March 17th. You can tune in to all the hard-hitting, high-flying action on Rhino Charge TV at 12:25, starting with the pregame show, hosted by the voice of the Hanover Rhinos, George Marinos.




New Uniform Update

We promised you an update on the Hanover Rhinos’ new uniforms for 2018, so here it is!

The Rhinos had previously submitted their design for the 2018 season uniforms, featuring an all-black home look that was detailed in this January 8 article featured on Rhino Charge.

After an issue with the supplier, Healy Sportswear, who has manufactured the Rhinos’ unforms for the last 3 seasons, the ownership group of Chris Bunty and Noah Sneeringer opted to look elsewhere for new threads.

The team found three potential uniform options and put it to a team vote to choose the new look.

This option won in a landslide.


“I think it gives the Rhinos a fresh new look on a brand new year with a lot of great talent that has come to our organization,” Bunty said of the uniforms.
The other two options that were in the poll are listed below.


Roses & Horns Finale

We wrap up Valentine’s week with our final matchup of Roses & Horns.

Who knows this Rhino cornerback better, his soulmate or his defensive backfield mate? Red, 32, hut, hut!


Charles may be the Rhinos’ shutdown corner, but he’s on an island on this one! Its Carol with the win, and an Olympic record 6.57 score.

Final medal count: Roses: 15. Horns: 5.

Roses & Horns, Olympic Trial #2

Match number two of Roses & Horns features talks of Olympic football and a local high school football rivalry.
Phoenix Russell’s Littlestown-graduate girlfriend competes against his old Bermudian Springs teammate to see who knows Phoenix better.


Score another win for Team Roses!

Overall Medal Count: Roses: 9. Horns: 5.

Roses & Horns, Olympic Trial #1

Hello and welcome to our Olympic-themed Hanover Rhinos Valentines’ game. You may remember us doing this feature for the first time last year. It’s exactly the same this year- a Rhinos player or staff member is asked questions. Who knows them better- their significant other, or a close friend from the team?
The questions tell the story. Points are awarded to the significant other and the teammate for each correct answer. Each question is worth two points.
The competition will conclude after 5 sets of couples have answered the questions. As each matchup completes, you will see the final score for that matchup, as well as an overall score for the “Roses” and the “Horns”.
The significant others will earn points for the Roses, while the friends will earn points for the Horns.
The overall score will be calculated differently this year. Instead of each matchup counting as one total point, every single point earned in each individual matchup will count. The overall score will be counted in terms of “gold medals”, which are earned for each full point earned by an individual.
The team with the most gold medals at the end wins!

Here is the first matchup. Enjoy!


Medal Count: Roses: 3. Horns: 0.