2017 Hanover Rhinos’ Defensive Player of the Year

Defense wins championships, but it can also win you cool, shiny awards. Go figure.
Being awarded today is a player whose meteoric rise to Snacktown stardome is outweighed only by his epic heart and max effort on every play. He is, pound-for-pound, the toughest player in the AFA, and he’s now Hanover Rhinos’ defensive player of the year.





Rhino Horn Trophy

Happy 4th of July from all the staff at Rhino Charge!
Today, we also hand out the Rhino Horn Trophy, which goes to the top fantasy scoring player for the Hanover Rhinos during the 2017 season. The scoring system used is a standard fantasy football scoring system, with a few tweaks made to adjust to league averages in the Atlantic Football Association.

And now, it’s time for the trophy…


2017 Points Breakdown
Offense: 51
Defense: 24

2. David Harden, OLB, 69 points
3. Phoenix Russell, RB/WR/LB, 68 points
4. Brandon Nicastro, DE/TE, 57.5 points
5. Stefaun Rascoe, MLB, 49.5 points
5. Drequan Morris, DL/RB, 49.5 points

Welcome to Rhino Charge Awards Week

It’s Fourth of July Week all across the nation, but while everyone is honoring the soldiers, celebrating our independence, and flipping burgers, we’ll be supplying the fireworks with a week full of Hanover Rhinos’ season awards. We will be giving out an award every day, starting with today. The schedule for the week is as follows:

Tuesday: Rhino Horn Trophy- awarded to Hanover Rhinos’ top fantasy scorer for the regular season.

Wednesday- 2017 Offensive Player of the Year- awarded to the Rhinos’ player judged to be the best on offense for the duration of the regular season, voted on by his teammates.

Thursday- 2017 Defensive Player of the Year- awarded to the Rhinos’ player judged to be the best on defense for the duration of the regular season, voted on by his teammates.

Friday- 2017 Hanover Rhinos’ Team MVP- It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the regular season ended! The most prestigious Hanover Rhinos’ honor is given out to the player deemed to be the most valuable to the team in 2017, as voted on by his teammates.

And now, without further ado, we kick off Rhino Charge Awards Week 2017 with our first season award-




This award goes to the Hanover Rhinos’ analyst who won the most weeks in our fantasy picks-to-click contest.
Klinefelter earned the trophy by defeating fellow analyst Marquiss Jackson in 3 out of the 5 matchup weeks during the Rhinos’ 2017 season.
Klinefelter’s winning picks were as follows: Week 7- Bernard Jackson (18 points) and Dorell Blue (0 points); Week 8- DeAnte Weldon (5 points) and Phoenix Russell (7 points); Week 12- Jake Orner (22 Points) and Lloyd Welford (3 points).
Klinefelter’s genius pick of quarterback Jake Orner in the final week of the season led him to victory in the winner-take-all matchup, as Orner turned in the Rhinos’ offensive performance of the year.