Rhino Charge Team Set, Part 6

Part 6 of the 2017 Rhino Charge Team Set is being released. Featured on cards 21-24 are a former Carroll County Cannons’ lineman, The Fabulous Mr. Rhino, a spectacular action shot of the team’s 2017 receiving leader, and a flashy playmaker who will be taking his talents to the Southern Penn Titans this fall.


Photo Credit- Chris Bunty.


2017 Rhino Charge Team Card Set- First Cards

As is customary during the offseason here at Rhino Charge, we make a card set of all the players and personnel on our team from the recently completed season.
Here are the first four cards of the 2017 Rhino Charge team set.
The template used is the same as Topps 2016 Baseball. All photos are credit and property of team photographer Chris Bunty, unless otherwise noted.


2017 Hanover Rhinos’ MVP

Rhino Charge Awards Week 2017 concludes with the awarding of the ultimate individual team honor, the season MVP Trophy. The Hanover Rhinos’ players voted a familiar face as the most important performer for the 2017 season.

And now, the close to our 2017 team coverage-