Rhino Bites

When the Carroll County Cannons folded this fall, the Rhinos inherited some excellent players and vibrant personalities from their former rivals. One of them is a 2017 AFA All-Star center. He is featured on this edition of Rhino Bites.



Age: 27                                            Hometown: New Windsor, Md.  Class: Francis Scott Key ’08 Positions: OT/C

#1. What did the experience of making the AFA All-Star game last year mean to you?

BE: It was a big accomplishment for me. It was only my second year starting, and I played every offensive snap at center across the last two seasons. I’m just glad I was able to make to the All-Star Game during the last year of the Cannons, although it was a disappointing season for us.

#2. What did it mean to you to represent the Carroll County Cannons for as many years as you did?

BE: I played for them for four years. They’re the only team I wanted to play for. I was in the group of people who tried to keep the Cannons going, if that says anything.

#3. You’ll be facing some of your former Cannons’ teammates in your first game as a Rhino, which is against Franklin County in one week (Saturday 3/17, 12:25 PM on Rhino Charge TV and the George Marinos Facebook Channel). What are your thoughts on this?

BE: It’s going to be a battle. I’m sure if there’s any Cannons’ lineman on the Tigers’ team, they will try to line up over me, just like the last scrimmage.

#4. You’re switching to tackle this year on offense. What has that transition been like this training camp?

BE: It’s a lot different out there. Feels like you’re on an island and the defensive ends have a lot more moves than defensive/nose tackles. A lot more speed, too, so it’s been a little rough at times, but it helps that I’m a lot faster this year, so I’m getting there.

#5. What’s it been like being adopted into the Rhino family this off-season?

BE: It’s been a smooth transition into the Rhino family. Had to go well, I guess. Brought a decent-sized group of Cannons to the Rhinos.


It’s a little over a week until the Hanover Rhinos open their season at Waynesboro High School against the Franklin County Tigers. In the meantime, keep looking for new editions of Rhino Bites, only on Rhino Charge, the Official Blog of the Hanover Rhinos.


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