Rhino Bites

We give you one more edition of Rhino Bites to get you ready for the big game today. Just hours before the Rhinos take the field against the Pennsylvania Pharaohs in Santa Bowl VI, we sit down with former Pharaoh and current Rhino Shawn Simmons, Jr. to discuss Saturday’s matchup.



Age: 23                                        Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa                        Class: Harrisburg ’12                              Positions: RB/FB

#1. What’s it going to be like facing your old team on Saturday?

SS: I’m actually looking forward to it, we have a great line that opens some holes up for our backs. I think we will have a field day on offense. Plus, I have bit of a chip on my shoulder due to missing the entire season with a hamstring injury. In this offense, I kinda get to show what I can do with the ball and my hands, I’m excited about that.

#2. When’s the last time you took the field for a game?

SS: Last time I took the field for a game was last spring.

#3. Can you describe in detail how it’s going to feel to be back out there come Saturday?

SS: It’s going to be an amazing feeling after I got hurt again and missed the season. I thought about giving up playing football. It’s just hard to fight that itch of playing a game that you played since you were a kid, so I came back out. I just wanna come out and have fun with my teammates, pads popping, bodies flying, that’s what football is all about.

#4. Have you ever taken part in a special holiday bowl game before?

SS: No, this is my first one, so I’m gonna rock some Christmas socks. (chuckles).

#5. What’s the ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve ever worn?

SS: (Laughing). Bro, I never wore a Christmas sweater that I know of.


Fans, don’t forget to show your support for the Hanover Rhinos today by making your way to Manheim Adventure Park, (4565 Camp Woods Rd, Glenville, PA 17329) to cheer on your local warriors. Admission is $5 or one new unwrapped toy. Kickoff is at 1 PM. Gates open at 11.



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