Wordy Wednesdays

A Word With: Michael Lowery

loweloweGeorge Marinos sat down with Hanover Rhinos second-year fullback/defensive lineman Michael Lowery to discuss the upcoming matchup with his former team, the Maryland Outlaws, this Saturday at 1:00 PM at Manheim Adventure Park. Get your tickets now by contacting Chris Bunty at 717-465-0782.

GM: I’m here with Michael Lowery of the Hanover Rhinos. You are very familiar with the team’s opponent this weekend, the Maryland Outlaws. Tell us about your time on the team.

ML: Well, I can say I’ve never had a bad experience with the Outlaws. They have a lot of good players and I still talk to a few of them from time to time. We definitely have to bring our best if we want to be able to beat the Outlaws.

GM: What years did you play for them?

ML: The fall of 2012 to summer of 2013.

GM: Who are some of your best friends that are still playing for the team?

ML: Well, the only people that I’ve talked to recently are my friends, Terrence (Foreman), better known as ‘T’, who is an offensive lineman for them, and my friend Tanner (Dixon), who originally (was in camp) for the Rhinos earlier this year.

GM: The Outlaws picked up a number of guys that played for the 2016 Germantown Gladiators, including Tanner. While you are friends with a bunch of those guys, how nice is it to get another shot to play many of the guys that helped Germantown beat Hanover 32-0 last year?

ML: It means a lot because I felt like we could have and should have beaten them last year, but we just ended up beating ourselves, but this year, things will be different.

GM: What would a win in this game mean to you personally?

ML: I mean, as a team victory, it would mean a lot and give us good momentum heading to the back part of our season, but personally it would mean a lot because I’ve never had any issues with the Outlaws and I hope all the former players that I used to play with are doing well. However, I’ve always wanted to beat a former team, I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?

GM: Thanks for your insight into the upcoming matchup.


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