March Players of The Month

The Hanover Rhinos have completed the first month of the 2017 AFA season. Snacktown’s warriors played two games in March, winning one and losing one.
Here are the Player of The Month awards for March 2017, as voted on by the Hanover Rhinos’ players and staff.

Offensive Player of The Month: DUSTYN LAUVER, OT/C


Defensive Player of The Month: LLOYD WELFORD, Safety

Special Teams Player of The Month: LLOYD WELFORD, KR/PR


Giddyup 302


Rhinos’ running back DeAnte Weldon stretches the ball out as he stiff-arms Taronjay Joppy (3) of the Susquehanna Valley Knights. Photo Credit- Chris Bunty.

The Rhinos set 13 team records in their defeat of Susquehanna Valley. Find out who etched their name in the record books here.

Wordy Wednesdays

A Word With: Adam Day

adayThis week, Rhino Charge host George Marinos sat down with Rhinos’ rookie linebacker Adam Day to discuss the halls of South Western High School, red beards, and everything in between.

GM: I’m here with Adam Day, linebacker from the Hanover Rhinos. You came from South Western High School. What’s it like to now be playing for your hometown team?

AD: South Western is a big high school to play for in the area, and it was always awesome playing at The Corral on Friday nights. Since I started the Rhinos, I’ve become very close with the whole team, and I really love being a part of this team and playing for my hometown. I wouldn’t trade this team for anything.

GM: Did you ever imagine you’d be playing semi-pro football when you were a Mustang?

AD: Honestly, I never thought I’d play again after I graduated, unless a college contacted me about playing for them. I’m glad I made the choice to play again.

GM: What’s your favorite playing memory at South Western?

AD: It was my senior year, and we were playing William Penn at their field. They were undefeated at the time, the game came down to the final seconds, where they got the win, but we were right on their heels. I’ll never forget it because, everyone knew what we had to do and we played our hearts out, but we couldn’t pull out the win. I don’t know why a loss is one of my favorite memories though.

GM: Do you remember your numbers from that game?

AD: I can’t remember. I know I was offensive and defensive tackle.

GM: What was your favorite part of the off-field high school experience?

AD: The brotherhood we had, all my teammates and I would spend the weekends and summers together, lifting and training and just hanging out at the high school.

GM: Did you guys print up any t-shirts, or have slogan or motto of some kind?

AD: South West always makes us t shirts with our year’s tour name, and we named ours “The Tour” because we thought we were going to be the tour of all tours.

GM: How close would you say you guys came to being “the tour of all tours”?

AD: Not close. I’m pretty sure we went 4-6. But we had a hell of a fun time and made memories we will never forget.

GM: Are you still close with a lot of your former teammates?

AD: Yes I am. You of course know Brandon Nicastro. We played all through high school, and he’s the only reason I decided to join the Rhinos.

GM: When I was at Gettysburg, beating South Western was the most important thing. Did you guys beat Gettysburg, and how important was that to the students and players?

AD: We did beat them, and yes, it is a huge deal to us. I remember my sophomore and junior year, we lost to them, so to be able to come out on our first game of our senior year and beat them, it was huge. That was a big win, and everyone was excited about it.

GM: What’s Gettysburg week like inside South Western High School?

AD: From what I remember, it’s a lot of hype. It’s usually our first game of the year, so we are all already chomping at the bit, and the fact it’s against Gettysburg makes it even more intense and exciting.

GM: How about the students that are not on the team? How into it do they get?

AD: It’s South West, everyone gets hyped about the Mustangs.

GM: What’s the semi-pro football experience been like for you so far?

AD: It’s been great so far, getting to know a lot of cool people and playing with different types of players is always a plus.

GM: First game- I know we didn’t win, but, one possession game in the freezing cold under the lights at a stadium- does it get any more awesome than that?

AD: It doesn’t. It was a really exciting game and it was one big play away from being a W for us.

GM: Speaking of big plays, the team needed a huge one with about two minutes left and when Virginia Beach was trying to run the clock out. You came up big with a forced fumble to win possession back. What were your emotions like at that moment?

AD: I was amped up when I saw the ref signal it was our ball. I just remember sprinting to the sideline yelling, “I stripped that!” It was very exciting for me because we kept promising the offense we’d get the ball back.

GM: Did you feel like Danny Bateman from the Replacements?

AD: Hahaha, you bet!

GM: Be honest, how cold was it out there?

AD: It was beyond cold. When you were on the field playing, it didn’t really bother you, but once you hit the sideline, that wind cut right through you.

GM: Coldest game you ever played in?

AD: Oh for sure. The wind just made it so miserable.

GM: What are some of your hobbies off the field?

AD: I love archery hunting. Me and Brandon have a hunting page called Archery Kings where we post about all of our hunting stuff. I’m big into powerlifting also, which helps on the football field.

GM: Tell our readers what the essence of archery is?

AD: In my eyes, archery is more fair for the animal, you have to be skilled to get them within 20 yards of you, you have to be quiet, and move slowly not to alert them. Personally, I think it takes more skills than hunting with a rifle.

GM: How long have you been an archer?

AD: Since 2009.

GM: What’s your best hunting story?

AD: Probably when I shot my first buck in New York with my dad when I was a kid. It was just a fun trip and something I’ll always remember.

GM: How many points?

AD: It was an 8-point.

GM: You’re also a Philadelphia Flyers hockey fan. How did that come about?

AD: Well, I went to a couple Hershey Bears games and they were awesome, so I started watching some NHL hockey and loved it, so I decided to follow an in-state team. I hate Pittsburgh, so I went with the Flyers.

GM: Who is your favorite player?

AD: Jakub Voracek.

GM: Is it the beard?

AD: Oh, you know it is. Red beards gotta stick together.

GM: How long have you been growing your beard?

AD: For a while now. In the winter months, I grow it out longer and this time of the year, I like to keep it trimmed up, but I always have a beard on my face.

GM: Does your girlfriend ever urge you to lose the facial hair?

AD: Nope, she loves it! Sometimes, when it’s long and shaggy, she’ll tell me to trim it up, but I don’t blame her, it gets rough sometimes.

GM: Which member of your family objects most to the beard?

AD: My mom for sure. She hates it.

GM: Thank you so much for your time.