Rhino Bites

This week on Rhino Bites, we explore why people love to play football, while getting to know a new Hanover Rhinos’ two-way lineman.

            JON VEITCH


Age: 21 Positions: DT/OG

#1. Why do you enjoy football?

JV: The thing I like most about football is the brotherhood in it. Not everyone does what we do, and that’s a very special thing.

#2. What football movie best represents the brotherhood that is a football team?

JV: Remember the Titans.

#3. Which character from that movie are you?

JV: Julius.

#4. What are the most recent 5 songs on your music playlist?

JV: 1. One Dance, by Drake (feat. Wizkid & Kyla); 2. Still Here, by Drake; 3. Grammys, by Drake (feat. Future); 4. Low Life, by Future (Feat. The Weeknd); 5. 9, by Drake.



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