Rhino Bites

This edition of Rhino Bites gives us a welcome relief from the hot-button issues dividing the country. Today, we swear-in two new members of the Hanover Rhinos. Both guys are recent graduates of high schools in the York area. Read on, catch the Rhino Fever for 2017, and watch the Boys of Snacktown shock the world this spring!



Age: 19 Position: Cornerback

#1. Tell us about your time at local Northeastern High School.

JS: I played 3 years of football for the Northeastern Bobcats. I played running back and safety, before being moved to cornerback.

#2. How did you find out about the Hanover Rhinos, and what made you want to join?

JS: I found about the Rhinos from a former player. He was telling me I should join the team because he saw me play flag, and saw my skills and speed. I wanted to join, because I love football and competing. I’ve been playing flag for the last two years, and it just wasn’t enough for me.

#3. What is it about the level of competition in the AFA that gets you excited?

JS: I love a challenge. I’m used to being an underdog, and to just show and prove that I can play with anyone, and play well, is just a good feeling.

#4. Is there a player you’ve styled your game around?

JS: I think as a kid, when I started, I wanted to be fast and juke people from watching Ladainian Tomlinson, but now on defense, I style my game around Tyrann Mathieu and Troy Polamalu. I love just being a ballhawk and finding my opportunity for an interception.

#5. Finish this sentence. If I’m not playing football, you can find me _______.

JS: Playing basketball or doing music.



Age: 20 Position: RB/WR/LB/S

 #1. What are some of your hobbies off the football field?
RH: I coach football- Yorktown and York High  School freshman team. I love cooking and being in the kitchen, into anime, I work with a lot of after school programs.
#2. How excited are you to help sculpt the young minds of the players that might lead the turnaround of the York High School football program?
RH: It’s very exciting and is going to be a long process, but me being so young, they don’t expect me to do too much. But I plan on being a head coach someday, so it’s a great opportunity, and a way to get some experience under my belt.
#3. Tell me about your experience playing football for York High School.
RH: I was an offensive linemen and linebacker at 155 lbs., and made second team all-county my senior year.
#4. Either/or questions. Coffee or tea?
RH: Tea.
#5. Playstation or Xbox?
RH: PlayStation.
#6. Rock, paper, or scissors?
RH: Scissors.
Remember to check out a new edition of Rhino Bites every Friday, featuring brand-new members of the Hanover Rhinos, exclusively on Rhino Charge.

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