What’s in a Uniform?


The Hanover Rhinos’ 2017 uniforms. The white jersey and both pairs of pants will debut this season.

The Hanover Rhinos will have a new look in 2017.

While the fan-favorite red home jerseys will remain, the team has revealed new white jerseys that will be worn for the games away from Snacktown.

The switch from the gray away jerseys comes months after the Atlantic Football Association passed a mandate that all teams must have one white jersey and one color jersey.

“The league requires all teams to have a home and away jersey,” AFA commissioner Rodney Anderson said in a league statement. “Light and dark, the same as any typical football league. It would be unsafe to have two teams in dark jerseys, and very difficult to distinguish at times. Some games are played at night, and it makes teams easily identifiable.”

While the league ruling played a factor in the decision, Rhinos’ co-owner Adam Bostian said the team had been contemplating a change.

” (Team president and co-owner) Chris Bunty and I talked about it a year or so ago,” Bostian said.

The changes Bostian and Bunty discussed at that time have become the design for the new away jerseys.

Made by Healy Sportswear, the white tops maintain the same bookend layout as the home red tops, which the Rhinos debuted in spring 2015.

“They are beautiful!,” Rhinos’ player Jordan Gardner said. “The white, at New Oxford, we wore almost all white, and have always liked it, nothing like getting a white jersey dirty!”

The body is white, with red lettering, while the bookends running down the side of the jersey under the arms are gray.

The white tops will be nameless on the back, and will belong to the team, while the red jersey tops will be personalized with the last name of the player, and they will belong to the individual players.

Gone from last season are the black, red, and gray pants that the Rhinos wore for every game. Instead, there will be two different styles of pants, one solid black, and one solid gray. The players will choose what style pants they will wear for the coming game at the end of each week’s practice.

Bostian said there is meaning behind all of the colors.

“Well, when the organization started 6 years ago, the colors were red and black, but the original Rhinos were red and gold,” Bostian said. “I graduated from South Western High School,  so I like the red and black.”

Surprisingly, Bostian does not list his South Western allegiance as the main reason for the gray parts of the Rhinos’ look.

“Kind-of,” Bostian said, “but Rhinos are also gray.”

Bostian said he hopes the new away uniforms will say boldly that the Rhinos are ‘a clean organization’.

Veteran linebacker Dorell Blue voiced his approval of the new look as well- “Fire, something new. I like”.




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