Rhinos’ Preseason Opener Cancelled


The Hanover Rhinos’ preseason opener, scheduled for this Saturday, January 14 at Manheim Adventure Park, has been cancelled due to concerns over the weather.

Rhinos’ co-owners Chris Bunty and Adam Bostian announced the decision to the team on Tuesday morning.

“The scrimmage between the Hanover Rhinos and the Baltimore Giants is being postponed indefinitely due to bad weather forecasted for Saturday,” Bunty, who is also the Rhinos’ president, said. “We don’t want to risk the players, staff and fans from both teams.”

“Safety (is a concern), driving to and from,” Bostian said. It’s not worth someone getting into a car accident for a game that means nothing.”

Snow is forecasted to start with snow showers in the Hanover-Glenville area around 8 Saturday morning, with the ferocity of the precipitation predicted to escalate to steady snow in the early afternoon.

“Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate,” Bostian added.

“(We’re) disappointed that the scrimmage was cancelled,” Giants’ owner Chuck Huntley, Jr. said. “We were looking forward to working with your organization, and hope it can be rescheduled.”

No plans to reschedule the game have been made at this time.

While the Rhinos’ players are eager to get back on the field to compete against another team, they are understanding of the ownership’s decision.

2016 team captain Dustyn Lauver agreed that there are more important things to focus on than one preseason game, but he also added, “I’d drive down (to Baltimore) to play the game if necessary.”

The Hanover Rhinos have 8 weeks of practice left until the 2017 Atlantic Football Association season opens.

Snacktown’s warriors will next take the field on Saturday, February 11, at 1:00, at Manheim Adventure Park, against the Pennsylvania Pharoahs.

The Pharaohs, who are based in Harrisburg, were WDFL Northern Conference finalists last season. This season, they will be making the transition to the ECFA.


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