Rhino Bites

Join Rhino Charge in celebrating the holiday season! We have a special treat for you today, as Rhino Bites will let you get to know two new Hanover Rhinos, and their thoughts on the holidays.



Age: 32 Position: WR/DB

#1. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

JS: My favorite tradition would have to be Christmas Eve at my parents house. It’s about the only time of year the whole family gets together. We do a gift exchange and let the kids open a few presents.

#2. Which so you prefer- egg nog, or fruitcake?

JS: Why isn’t Sam Adams on the list? Lol

#3. What’s your favorite Sam Adams brew?

JS: That’s gonna be a toss up between Boston Lager and Octoberfest.

#4. Which do you get more of during the holiday season- . Christmas music on the radio, or Christmas-themed programming on tv?

JS: TV for sure. “You’ll shoot your eye out”.

#5. Finish this sentence- if I see one more Christmas commercial, I’m going to _____.

JS: Hunt down all of Rudolph’s extended family members.



Age: 20 Position: LB

#1. What’s your favorite holiday movie?

SR: A Christmas Story. ” You’re gonna shoot your eye out!”

#2. How many times have you seen that movie?

SR: At least 5 or more.

#3. Have you ever had a good fruitcake?

SR: Never, and will never want one.

#4. Favorite food at Christmas dinner?

SR: Whatever I’m in the mood for.

#5. You got the chance to score a defensive touchdown in the Santa Bowl, and ran another one in that was called back for a penalty. How cool is that to score on defense?

SR: I mean, it’s pretty awesome, honestly. I tried to think of some type of dance, but none came to mind.


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