Rhino Bites

Join Rhino Charge in celebrating the holiday season! We have a special treat for you today, as Rhino Bites will let you get to know two new Hanover Rhinos, and their thoughts on the holidays.



Age: 31 Position: LB

#1. What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?

PN: Spending time with family you dont see often. Christmas cookies are good too. I usually just look at them as another day.

#2. Do you remember what it was like when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real?

PN: Not really. That seems like a long time ago.

#3. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

PN: I’m not really into Christmas music. Porky Pig’s Blue Christmas is a funny one.

#4. What kind of music do you like?

PN: Punk rock, rock, and country.

#5. What’s the most memorable concert you’ve ever been to?

PN: Avenged Sevenfold was the most memorable, in Wilkes Barre, Pa., at the Mohegan Sun casino.



Age: 21 Position: FB and DE

#1. What made you want to join the Hanover Rhinos this season?

RJ: Some of the guys from my old team, the Maryland Redhawks. They were telling how the organization is, and it was something I could see myself a part of.

#2. Who are some of your former Maryland RedHawks teammates that are with the Rhinos?

RJ: Bernard Jackson and Isaac Tynes.

#3. What’s the ugliest sweater you’ve worn during the holidays?

RJ: Honestly, I don’t wear ugly sweaters.

#4. When it comes to Christmas dinner, which is better, ham or turkey?

RJ: Turkey.

#5. Which would you be more likely to do, wear and ugly sweater or go caroling?

RJ: Wearing an ugly sweater.


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