Rhino Bites

Get to know the newest members of the Hanover Rhinos! Rhino Bites is a segment that will run once a week during the off-season, and feature a blaster pack of questions to players who are new to Snacktown’s warriors for the 2017 season.




                   Age: 23                             Position: RB

#1. What’s your favorite moment from your football playing career?

KS: Trying out for the Canadian Football League (CFL).

#2. What team did you tryout for and when?

KS: Winnipeg Blue Bombers in February, 2015.

#3. What made you want to join the Hanover Rhinos this season?

KS: To become a better player and play for a good organization.

#4. What about the Hanover Rhinos’ organization do you like?

KS: It’s more than a team, it’s a brotherhood, almost like the Power Rangers. As corny as it sounds, each Ranger had a specific skill, but when they came together, they formed an unstoppable force.

#5. Which power ranger would you be?

KS: Green.



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