Rhino Bites

Get to know two of the newest members of the Hanover Rhinos! Rhino Bites is a segment that will run once a week during the off-season, and feature a blaster pack of questions to two new Hanover Rhinos.

Both of today’s featured players spent the spring 2016 season playing with the Germantown Gladiators.



Age:21 Position: OL

#1. What do you love about the game of football?

TD: I love everything about the game. I like how anything can happen in matter of moments, and takes a whole group of guys to be on the same page to build around a family core. I like the small parts of the game a lot of people don’t see, the bond, studying, breaking down plays, and help people reach for a lifetime experience.

#2. Gatorade or water?

TD: Water, but game day, I change to Gatorade person.

#3. Who would you rather have as a teammate, Bobby Boucher or Shane Falco?

TD: Boucher.

#4. Movies or TV shows?

TD: Movies.

#5. Popcorn or candy?

TD: Candy.

#6. Cars or trucks?

TD: Trucks.

#7. Ford, Chevy, or something else?

TD: Chevy.

#8. Snow or rain?

TD: Snow.

#9. What’s one thing you want your teammate’s to know about you?

TD: I want them to know that I never give up on a play or game, no matter what happens.


Nickname: Choo Choo Age: 38 Position: RB/LB

#1. Last year, you played for the Germantown Gladiators. What made you decide to join the Rhinos this year?

TL: The camaraderie, the fact that they go in as a team, they come out as a team, win, lose, or draw, plus, they’re organized. That’s a few of the key things that drew me in. Plus, the team welcomed me with open arms, as well as coaches, plus, I like how they’re involved with the community.

#2. What are some things you enjoy on the field?

TL: Big plays, major hard hits and running touchdowns, plus running returns back, because I’m an all-around aggressive player. No matter whether it’s offense, defense, or special teams, I go hard on every play.

#3. What do you like doing when you’re not playing?

TL: I like fishing, target shooting, recording my own music, riding my motorcycles, going to the beach, four wheelers, dirt bikes, traveling and sometimes just straight relaxing.

#4. What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

TL: 22 pound carp.

#5. What’s better, catching a big fish, or running for a touchdown?

TL: Oh, hands down, running a touchdown.

#6. Fish or steak?

TL: Steak.

#7. Big city or little town?

TL: Little town.

#8. Rock, paper, or scissors?

TL: Rock.

#9. What’s one thing you want your teammate’s to know about you?

TL: That I’m a team player and a hard worker, and I give my all to everything. I also have a heart of gold, always willing to lend a helping hand.



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