Rhino Bites

Get to know two of the newest members of the Hanover Rhinos! Rhino Bites is a segment that will run once a week during the off-season, and feature a blaster pack of questions to two new Hanover Rhinos.
       ADAM DAY

Age: 26 Position: RB/MLB High School: South Western

#1. Tell us about your football background?

AD: I started my football career in 4th grade at Baresville Elementary, and I played with South Western from then until I graduated my senior year (June 2010). I was captain of the team. I played offensive and defensive tackle for the Mustangs.
#2. Do you prefer offense or defense?
AD: That’s a tough one. I would have to go with defense.
#3. Ice cream or cake?
AD: I love me some ice cream.
#4. PlayStation or Xbox?
AD: PlayStation. Never really liked Xbox.
#5. Madden or 2k?
AD: Madden, for sure.
#6. Heads or tails?
AD: Tails never fails.
#7. Farm animals or house pets?
AD: I love dogs, so I’d have to go with house pets.
#8. Lebron or Michael Jordan?
AD: Jordan, he’s the GOAT.
#9. College or pro sports?
AD: Pro football. I don’t watch much college.
#10. What’s the story behind your beard?
AD: I love beards, it’s manly, and I’m glad I can grow a nice one.

Age: 19  Position: WR/LB High School: Northeastern

#1. Why did you decide to join the Hanover Rhinos football team this year?

DS: As a kid, only thing that kept me out of trouble was football, football is my world. I promised my uncle Anthony I wasn’t gonna stop until I make it, I ain’t gonna stop until I make it.
#2. Coke or Pepsi?
DS: Im a coke boy!
#3. Cats or dogs?
DS: Dogs.
#4. Tv shows or movies?
DS: Movies.
#5. Brady or Manning?
DS: Manning.
#6. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
DS: Christmas.
#7. Yogurt or pudding?
DS: Pudding.
#8. Sack or interception?
DS: Interception.
#9. Hot or cold weather?
DS: Cold weather
#10. What are the last five YouTube videos you’ve watched?
DS: 1. Timmy Turner, by Desiigner; 2. They Say that I’m Crazy, by Lor Scoota; 3. Play For Keeps, by L’A Capone; 4. Todd Gurley football video; 5. Adrian Peterson football video.

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