Throwback Tuesdays Part 1

Recently, George Marinos sat down with Hanover Rhinos co-owner and defensive coordinator, Adam Bostian, to conduct an interview about Bostian’s high school career at South Western.

IMG_0133We will be posting the interview as a two-part series for Throwback Tuesdays on Rhino Charge, the official blog of the Hanover Rhinos.

Below is part one of the interview. Read part 2 here.
Bostian’s childhood is highlighted in part 1, as well as his time on the 2001 South Western JV football team. That team went 8-1, and Bostian led the way with over 500 yards rushing, and led the team with 8 rushing touchdowns. Bostian played for current South Western varsity football head coach Damian Paolucci on that team.

GM: Where did you grow up, and what age did you move to the Hanover area?

AB: I was born in Rosedale, MD, lived in Manchester, MD until I was 9, then moved to Hanover in 1993.

GM: What age did you start playing football?

AB: 9.

GM: What was your first team?

AB: West Manheim Ponies, then South Western Middle School Colts, then the Mustangs.

GM: What was the reason you started playing football, and what were your dreams?

AB: My parents wanted me to try it out, because I just moved to Hanover, and they wanted me to make friends, and because of that, I have lifelong friends. My dreams, once I started to realize I had the talent to play well, was to play in college, that was until I blew out my knee.

GM: Talk about the friendships you made. Who were some of those guys, and do you still have contact with a number of them to this day?

AB: Oh man, the list is way too long of guys that I’m still in contact with still today. Sure, we may have grown apart after high school and college, and as we get married and have kids, life does get in the way, but we still make time for eachother. Even if it’s just a text, phone call, or we plan a guys weekend, but we still keep in contact.

GM: You met your wife in school. How did you guys become friends, and did she come to any of your games?

AB: I met my wife in 5th grade. I had a big crush on her, but we never dated until after high school. I tell people she just settled for me (chuckles).

GM: (Chuckles), Did she ever come to any of your games?

AB: Yeah, we were friends all through school, so she was in the stands.

GM: Was she the president of the Adam Bostian fan club?

AB: (Laughs), God no! I did have a list of names in my locker, of girls that wanted to wear my jersey every Friday.

GM: So you were a chick magnet.

AB: I don’t know about all that, maybe I was (chuckles).

GM: What was it like when you first entered the South Western football program?

AB: I was excited to be a part of it, because I heard about all their championships, and wanted to be part of one. I was lucky enough to be part of the 2000 team that some say was the best team to go through.

GM: What was the experience like being there and being in uniform during the 2000 season?

AB: I was a sophomore, and we were called Raiders, and we wore black jerseys when everyone else wore white. Being a Raider, we were tackling dummies for the upperclassmen, and I was the main dummy (chuckles). But I knew my job was to make the upperclassmen better players every day. I like to think I helped in winning that season, but that senior class had raw talent and athleticism. But I loved watching those guys play. I learned a lot from them and the coaching staff.

GM: Did you have to go up against Allen Bittinger in practice?

AB: (Chuckles), Many times, and Andrew Kern, not to mention Lee Bowman and Jamie Taylor, big, strong guys. Kyle Wildasin and Justin Mummert tackled me a lot.

GM: How did you feel physically after those practices as a sophomore?

AB: Beat to death, but I remember guys coming up to me and saying that I keep getting up, and doing it all over again, time and time again.

GM: Did the beatings you took as a sophomore make your climb to the starting unit on varsity as a senior even sweeter?

AB: I lettered as a junior, and I think, by working as hard as I did, got me on the field even sooner. I played a lot the last game of the season as a junior at linebacker, and had 1 sack, 5 tackles, and ran for a touchdown. Hard work does pay off.

GM: Was that your first varsity touchdown?

AB: That was it, as a junior vs. New Oxford.

GM: Do you remember the moment when you scored?

AB: I do. It was about 35 yards on a guard trap, and I don’t think I was touched at all. After the TD, I went over to Mitch Medina, who was hurt that game, and was very limited, and said to him, “I scored that for you.” Later in the game, I almost ran in another one from 40 yards, but got caught from behind at the 5-yard line.

GM: Was that the moment that you felt like you had arrived?

AB: I don’t think I ever really had that moment. I had a job to do on the field, and I did it. Somtimes good, somtimes bad.

GM: You excelled on the JV team for a few years before that. Take me through that experience.

AB: My sophomore year, I got a good bit of playing time on JV, but as a junior playing JV, we were a good, solid team. We only lost the first game of the year by 3 points, I believe, and then we ran the rest of the table, and going into our senior year, we were picked to win a championship. So, we had high expectations going into our senior year.

As juniors we started a “club”, if you will. We were called the Dirty Backs. And how we got that name is, at the first scrimmage, me,  Josh kaehler, Ty Stahle and Taz Emlet forgot to wash our white pants. There were still all dirty, and we didn’t fit in at all. So we called ourselves the Dirty Backs, and then it all blew up over night, everyone loves it. Ty started a web page, and we were all given positions, like, Ty was the President, Josh was Vice, and I was Secretary of Offense I think (chuckles). We all had our own individual pages with music and stats from games. We had t-shirts and sweatshirts made with our name and number, and we had a fan club to go along with it.

GM: You guys also had special nicknames. What were they, and how did those come about?

AB: Oh, that’s right. Mine was Antwaan. I think Ty was Tre. Bill Wagaman’s was Buford. That’s all I can remember off the top of my head. The names kinda came along because we also used to just tuck in the front of our jerseys, and let the back out. We thought it made us look fast (chuckles).

GM: What did the fan club consist of?

AB: The fan club was pretty much our friends and family, nothing special.

GM: You excelled in your time on the JV team. Tell me about some of the things you did there.

AB: As a fullback, I just enjoyed running the ball, and running over guys. By the end of the game, guys didn’t want to tackle me (chuckles). I remember that Ty and I both scored 3 TDs vs. Central (York). I have a scar on my forearm from when I hit a guy’s helmet, and ran him over, but his helmet cut my arm open.

GM: I bet that hurt. How many plays did you miss when you got cut by the helmet?

AB: None. I never took myself out. I only missed one game my entire career.

GM: How is the culture of football different now from what it was back then?

AB: The game has evolved with the spread offense and crazy pass plays. Defensively, it really hasn’t changed.

GM: You talked about that game you missed, and I’m assuming you’re talking about the first game senior year. What was the injury, and how much did that suck having to miss the first game that you would have started on varsity?

AB: I had a tough decision to make because of my knee injury. I could either have surgery right away, and maybe play the last game of the season, or wait, and play the season, so I rehabbed as much as I could, worked out, taped it up by Mrs. Flaherty, and played. But the scrimmage we had up in Red Land is when I finished tearing up everything in my knee. It was a pass play to me, and I caught it, and when I turned up to run in the end zone, that’s when my knee gave out, and I was laying on the 1 yard line.

After that happened, as I was being helped off the field, it was like the air was sucked out of the stadium. I could hear the parents talking, “Well, there goes our season”, I heard. And I took that hard, because I have been playing with these guys since the 5th grade. I know the hard work that we all put into this game. And I didn’t want the team to have to rely on me.

Here is part 2, click to find out whether or not Adam can recover from the injury and returned to the field.


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