Card #10 is Here

We get Low for card number 10- Lowery, that is. Here is the card of a very spirited former Carroll County Cannon, who spent 2016 with the Rhinos.



You’re My Boy, Blue

We round out the first page of the base card set with a tribute to a 4-year Hanover Rhinos’ veteran from North Carolina. Enjoy!


Call to the Hall

We move on to card #6 of the 2016 Rhino Charge team set with another player that was an AFA rookie in 2016. He played on the offensive line for the Rhinos just a few short years after graduating from one of the local high schools.


Back to the Base Set

Now that the All-Star festivities are over, we head back into the Rhino Charge base set. Here is card number 4, a 39-year old AFA rookie who anchored down a spot on the Rhinos’ offensive line all season.