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A Word With: Michael Lowerylowlow

Our host George Marinos recently sat down with Hanover Rhinos’ newcomer Michael Lowery to discuss football and lunch-time shenanigans.

GM: I’m here with Hanover Rhinos offensive/defensive lineman Michael Lowery. Which is more satisfying, playing on the o-line, or the d-line, and why?

ML: Honestly it’s fun to play both, because there is nothing more satisfying then being able to take an opposing player and do at will what you want them.

GM: And that’s what the line at its best does- assert its will. You can’t win without good line play. Why do you think those guys don’t get as much attention as other positions?

ML: Because with out the offensive line, the quarterback wouldn’t be able to stand and be able to throw to his targets, and the running back wouldn’t be able to run for touchdowns, and without the defensive line, the linebackers wouldn’t be able to flow to the ball and make the tackles, so I guess you can say we are the unsung heroes, but it’s all good. As long as we win, I won’t complain.

GM: You played for the Carroll County Cannons before coming to the Rhinos. How long did you play for them?

ML: I played two years with the Carroll County Cannons.

GM: How has life as a Rhino been different from your time in Carroll County?

ML: Well, for one, I enjoyed playing for the Cannons, but I guess you can say the difference between the Rhinos and Cannons is that, when I was with the Cannons, there were a lot of favorites, and a lot of people rode the bench, but with the Rhinos, everyone gets a fair shot to play and earn a starting spot, no matter who has been here the longest.

GM: You’ve been a part of both sides of the Carroll County-Hanover rivalry. Tell the readers about what makes this rivalry so special.

ML: Well for one where the Cannons play. Westminster is only 20-25 mins from Hanover, but, in all honesty, I never really looked at it that way. I just look at the opposing team as an opponent, but I guess it’s a rivalry because, in past times, I think the top two teams were the Rhinos and Cannons in their division.

GM: Did you grow up in Carroll County?

ML: No, I actually grew up in Frederick County, and was supposed to go to Linganore High School, but changed schools going into my freshman year.

GM: Linganore has a pretty good football program, were you disappointed at all not to get to participate in that?

ML: At first I was, but at the same time, when I would go to visit my dad, I became friends with the people I ended up going to school with.

GM: Talk about your high school experience. What school was it, and what was it like?

ML: At first it was scary because, for one, I was walking into a new school system, meeting new people, plus, I was going into a different football program. So, right off the bat, I was at a disadvantage, because most of the other kids had years to play in the South Carroll system, from little league. But, it didn’t take much for me to show the coaches what I could do. It was actually the first time I got to play offensive and defensive line, because when i played rec football, I was a running back/fullback and linebacker. So the position change was very difficult at first, and it wasn’t until my junior year where I really learned how to play offensive and defensive line.

GM: Tell our readers what some of the main keys are to playing on the line.

ML: Well, it all starts with technique, and having good footwork and quick hands and good hand placement. That’s where I learned all that, my junior year, and I guess you can say that’s how I’ve lasted and been able to keep up with the bigger guys, because where I lack in size, I make up for in good footwork, hand placement, quick hands and using my brain, and not relying on brute strength like 90% of the other lineman in the league.

GM: What was the strangest lunch menu item in your high school, and were you afraid to eat this item?

ML: I don’t know about strangest, but the nastiest was the pizza they served on Fridays, tasted like puke, so I always got potato soup and chicken patties.

GM: Was it Nardone Bros pizza?

ML: I don’t remember exactly, but it came in a square.

GM: That sounds like our Friday pizzas at Gettysburg. Were you ever present for a radical food fight?

ML: We never had food fights at South Carroll, but I am guilty of blowing up a sandwich bag with my buddies, and sticking pretzels and other hard stuff in the corner, and smacking the bag causing, the item to shoot across the cafeteria, hitting whatever.

GM: How did you guys avoid falling on the floor laughing during this?

ML: We were too busy keeping a straight face when the Principal kept walking around, looking for who did that.

GM: Did you get caught?

ML: No sir, never.

GM: Finish this sentence: You know a person is from South Carroll High School when ________.

ML: They are proud to be a Cavalier.

GM: What do you like to do when you are not playing football?

ML: Watch football and play Madden.

GM: What team do you roll with on Madden?

ML: The Ravens, of course.

GM: Do you have a favorite Ravens player?

ML: My favorite Raven of all-time is Ray Lewis, but my current Raven would have to be Marshal Yanda.

GM: Do you wish you could play as Yanda on the game? They don’t really allow you to take control of the offensive linemen.

ML: Yeah, I do, but I don’t mind running the football behind him, or rolling out on a pass to his side.

GM: Has the computer version of him ever let you down and given up a big sack?

ML: Not really, it’s usually a sack from the outside.

GM:  Do you play mostly online, or against the computer?

ML: Mostly online, and I’ve gotten better with each game I’ve played.

GM: If you’re getting beat down by a really good player, or are really thrashing somebody, does the game usually get completed?

ML: I never trash talk, to be honest, because it is just a game. I let my play do the talking on a video game, and in real life when I’m playing for the Rhinos.

GM: But do you always try to play the whole game online, even if you are losing by, say, 30 points?

ML: Definitely. I never give up, that’s my attitude with everything.

GM: How do you feel about the Pittsburgh Steelers?

ML: I honestly don’t mind them, I obviously will root against them because I’m a Ravens fan, but I can’t stand the Steeler fans who dwell on stuff in the past.

GM: Why are there so many Steelers fans in Hanover? Don’t the people realize that they are closer to Baltimore?

ML: I think it has to do with the fact that Hanover is in Pennsylvania.

GM: A lot of people complain about Pennsylvania roads. There’s an old wives’ tale out there that you can feel when you’ve crossed the state line into PA, because the roads are instantly bumpier. Have you ever experienced this?

ML: The only thing I will say is that, when you get into downtown Hanover, the road signs are confusing some.

GM: (chuckles), What makes them confusing?

ML: I guess you can say they are confusing because, a lot of people can’t drive, and when you’re new to an area, you drive slowly and look lost out of your mind.

GM: I agree. It’s similar to my experience driving in Philly. I’ll leave you with one last question. Donald Trump’s hair is _______ and reminds me of _________.

ML: The thing I like about Donald Trump is his attitude to want to actually get stuff done. But overall, I just want whoever becomes president to do a good job, but in today’s society, there will always be someone who doesn’t like what he does. Overall, you can’t make everyone happy.

GM: So, what does his hair remind you of?

ML: Reminds me of Biff from Back to the Future when he is an old man.

GM: Thanks for your time, man.

ML: Not a problem, appreciate it.

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