A Word With: Eric Rowe

Ouacer host George Marinos recently sat down with Hanover Rhinos DE/TE/CB Eric Rowe to discuss life on and off the football field.

GM: I’m here with Eric ‘Ace’ Rowe of the Hanover Rhinos. What does the nickname Ace mean, and how did you get it?

ER: Well, I got the nickname from a friend of mine. She said I was quiet, and she liked that.

GM: How long have you had the nickname?

ER: Since 2008. Before that, I went by Escola. Some nicknames are based off personalities, you know.

GM: Where did the name Escola come from?

ER: My first name is Eric, put the E on scola, my uncle called me that, I don’t know why. He played football at Temple, too. Good guy.

GM: Was he a big reason that you started to play football?

ER: Yes, my uncle and grandfather were both big reasons I started to play football.

GM: Talk about how you found out about the Hanover Rhinos, and why you joined the team.

ER: Charles (Smith) told me about it, so I was like, ‘why not?’. I’m more of a basketball player.

GM: What has it been like to be a Hanover Rhino so far?

ER: It’s been great so far, the owners and the coaches are good people, love ’em all, and my teammates are the greatest, couldn’t ask for a better group of guys.

GM: When you’re getting ready to play a football game, are you smiling, or are you getting your game face on, and why?

ER: I’m all smiles. Always happy, that’s me, I gotta go in it happy.

GM: Who is the most laid back player on the team?

ER: I would say myself, to be honest.

GM: Do you know much about your uncle’s football career at Temple?

ER: Two years, 1996-1998. Kevin Rowe, great guy.

GM: Did you go to any of his games, and cheer him on?

ER: Yeah, I went to a spring game of his. He could have gone to any college.

GM: Why did he choose Temple?

ER: They have a good business major program.

GM: Did you grow up in the Philadelphia area?

ER: South Baltimore area, Cherry Hill. My family is from Baltimore City.

GM: What was it like growing up there?

ER: It was rough out there, to be honest. You learn to fight early, and there is no comparing that.

GM: Do you think growing up in that environment made you a stronger person today?

ER: Yeah, it did, made me into the person I am today.

GM: What kind of person are you today?

ER: I’m a humble person, never forget my early beginnings.

GM: What do you think of the town of Hanover?

ER: To be honest, it’s 50/50, but it was like a new world when I came out here.

GM: What is different about it?

ER: To be honest, it’s mad quiet and slow. I’m from the city, it’s fast-paced there.

GM: Do you prefer the slow atmosphere of a small town, or are you a big city guy?

ER: I like both, but I’m a big city guy.

GM: What is your favorite memory on a football field?

ER: Getting sacks, to be honest.

GM: What’s a sack that you really remember?

ER: To be honest, when I was in Pop Warner, I hit their quarterback so hard, he was crying. I had three sacks that game and we won. That was in 2001.

GM: You mentioned being more of a basketball player. What position did you play?

ER: Shooting guard and small forward. Basketball was my calling.

GM: Who is your favorite NBA player?

ER: Kobe Bryant. I’m also a big Tracy McGrady fan.

GM: I actually met T-Mac.

ER: That’s great! I met the whole 2001 Ravens and got autographs. Wow, 2001 was a great year.

GM: What was your favorite part of meeting the Super Bowl champs?

ER: I felt like I was one of the guys.

GM: What are the first 5 songs on your music playlist?

ER: Purple Reign mixtape, by Future. I don’t have a playlist.

GM: What was the first car you owned?

ER: Never had one, but I can drive.

GM: Finish this sentence: Donald Trump’s hair is _____ and reminds me of ________.

ER: Thin, and reminds me of an old deer hunter.

GM: Thank you for joining us, Eric!

Remember, you can catch a new Q&A session with a Hanover Rhinos player on Wordy Wednesdays, every Wednesday, exclusively on Rhino Charge, the official blog of the Hanover Rhinos.


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