A Word With: Dorell Blue

dorellOur host George Marinos recently sat down with Hanover Rhinos veteran Dorell Blue, and asked him questions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from high school football to condiments.

GM: I’m here with Hanover Rhinos linebacker Dorell Blue. You’ve been playing football at some level for quite awhile. What led you to start playing?

DB: My cousin, Marcus Davis, he’s the reason why I started. Ever since pee-wee league, I watched him play, and said to myself, ‘I could be out there too’. He was the one that I really wanted to impress, and still do to this day.

GM: Was he your favorite player growing up, and did you have any NFL players that you looked up to?

DB: Yes honestly he was. I looked up to one of the best running backs in the NFL, Mike Alstott, beast.

GM: So, you’ve always liked the running back position. Was that a position you played a lot growing up?

DB: Fullback and linebacker, but started out as o-line, right tackle in high school, when I started playing organized football.

GM: You grew up playing football in North Carolina. What is the football culture like down there?

DB: It was a big thing, Friday night football was the best. Had to maintain good grades to stay on the team, but some of the teachers were the coaches, so they made sure we stayed in the books. Walking down the street, every one knew who you were.

GM: At Gettysburg High School, we had a name for the lunch meat served in the cafeteria- unidentified road-kill. Did you have a similar experience with the food at your school?

DB: I really don’t remember. I know ketchup and mayo made everything taste good.

GM: (chuckles), Was it Heinz ketchup, or something else?

DB: I think it was Heinz.

GM: PA is quite a drive from North Carolina, what made you decide to move up here?

DB: I just wanted to get away and see what I could do, be more independent, and not have family as a crutch to lean on. Been up here for eight years now.

GM: Finish this sentence- you know a person is from Hanover when _______.

DB: They carry around a half-gallon Turkey Hill tea like it’s nothing.

GM: You are a Duke fan. Do you remember Laettner’s shot?

DB: No, and I’ve missed a lot of the more recent games due to work and working out.

GM: What kind of work do you do?

DB: Poultry for now, and being a father.

GM: What’s the experience of being a father like?

DB: I love it, my lil’ girls are football fans.

GM: Do they come to all the games and support their dad?

DB: Yes, my good luck charms.

GM: What’s the strangest Father’s Day gift you’ve received?

DB: Slobbered-down cookie.

GM: I’ve heard the people of Hanover complain about the weather a lot. What’s the difference between here, and North Carolina?

DB: It’s colder, more snow.

GM: Playing for the Rhinos family, what does it mean to you?

DB: It means a lot, I’ve worked my way from the bench to being a starter. The coaches have the ambition to win, but are more about the players and helping the community. One of the best organizations I’ve played for, and will retire a Rhino.

GM: That’s good to hear. Speaking of work, you were named a league all star last year. What did that accomplishment mean to you?

DB: The whole world, from being told by high school coaches that I was too small to play at another level, to playing the best of the best.

GM: Thank you for you time, Dorell.

Remember, you can catch a new Q&A session with a Hanover Rhinos player on Wordy Wednesdays, every Wednesday, exclusively on Rhino Charge, the official blog of the Hanover Rhinos.

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