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Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost.

Rhinos’ linebacker Dorell Blue sits down with George Marinos on this week’s edition of Wordy Wednesdays. Topics include high school football in North Carolina, and condiments.


A Word With: Dorell Blue

dorellOur host George Marinos recently sat down with Hanover Rhinos veteran Dorell Blue, and asked him questions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from high school football to condiments.

GM: I’m here with Hanover Rhinos linebacker Dorell Blue. You’ve been playing football at some level for quite awhile. What led you to start playing?

DB: My cousin, Marcus Davis, he’s the reason why I started. Ever since pee-wee league, I watched him play, and said to myself, ‘I could be out there too’. He was the one that I really wanted to impress, and still do to this day.

GM: Was he your favorite player growing up, and did you have any NFL players that you looked up to?

DB: Yes honestly he was. I looked up to one of the best running backs in the NFL, Mike Alstott, beast.

GM: So, you’ve always liked the running back position. Was that a position you played a lot growing up?

DB: Fullback and linebacker, but started out as o-line, right tackle in high school, when I started playing organized football.

GM: You grew up playing football in North Carolina. What is the football culture like down there?

DB: It was a big thing, Friday night football was the best. Had to maintain good grades to stay on the team, but some of the teachers were the coaches, so they made sure we stayed in the books. Walking down the street, every one knew who you were.

GM: At Gettysburg High School, we had a name for the lunch meat served in the cafeteria- unidentified road-kill. Did you have a similar experience with the food at your school?

DB: I really don’t remember. I know ketchup and mayo made everything taste good.

GM: (chuckles), Was it Heinz ketchup, or something else?

DB: I think it was Heinz.

GM: PA is quite a drive from North Carolina, what made you decide to move up here?

DB: I just wanted to get away and see what I could do, be more independent, and not have family as a crutch to lean on. Been up here for eight years now.

GM: Finish this sentence- you know a person is from Hanover when _______.

DB: They carry around a half-gallon Turkey Hill tea like it’s nothing.

GM: You are a Duke fan. Do you remember Laettner’s shot?

DB: No, and I’ve missed a lot of the more recent games due to work and working out.

GM: What kind of work do you do?

DB: Poultry for now, and being a father.

GM: What’s the experience of being a father like?

DB: I love it, my lil’ girls are football fans.

GM: Do they come to all the games and support their dad?

DB: Yes, my good luck charms.

GM: What’s the strangest Father’s Day gift you’ve received?

DB: Slobbered-down cookie.

GM: I’ve heard the people of Hanover complain about the weather a lot. What’s the difference between here, and North Carolina?

DB: It’s colder, more snow.

GM: Playing for the Rhinos family, what does it mean to you?

DB: It means a lot, I’ve worked my way from the bench to being a starter. The coaches have the ambition to win, but are more about the players and helping the community. One of the best organizations I’ve played for, and will retire a Rhino.

GM: That’s good to hear. Speaking of work, you were named a league all star last year. What did that accomplishment mean to you?

DB: The whole world, from being told by high school coaches that I was too small to play at another level, to playing the best of the best.

GM: Thank you for you time, Dorell.

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Throwback Tuesdays

Rolling Downhill


Zeke Stephens (38) leaps to catch a pass from Hanover Rhinos’ quarterback Bob Moore (6) as Dorell Blue (44) looks on during the fourth quarter against Carroll County on May 10, 2014. Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost.

May 10, 2014 was Kids’ Day, an annual Hanover Rhinos’ tradition for the last home game of the season.

When the Carroll County Cannons came to Hanover Middle School to serve as the opposition, they were thin in numbers.

“We had 15 players show up, and I was one of them,” said current Hanover Rhino Michael Lowery, who played for the Cannons in 2014. “I played center and nose tackle.”

Lowery went up against current Rhinos’ defensive lineman Kyle Raysor for most of the day.

While the Cannons were thin in numbers, the Rhinos loaded the scoreboard with digits.

David Sager (South Western ’09) fired over 300 passing yards, but his legs fueled the first score of the game.

Hanover’s second drive reached the Carroll County 20. Then, Sager ran a play-action fake and bootlegged to the right, bursting into open space.

With his head up inside the five, Sager cut back behind a block by receiver Zac Carrick (Hanover ’05) before being tackled across the goal line.

On the next drive, Adriel Garibay (New Oxford ’05) hauled down the quarterback for a sack, stymieing the next Carroll County drive, and setting up Sager for some aerial antics.

The final play of the first quarter saw Sager heave a pass 37 yards in the air, down the right hash, to Bob Moore, who caught the ball at the Hanover 5, and took it in for a score.

Jeremy Renoll recovered a fumble inside the Cannons’ 5 on the next possession, but Zak Kruger (South Western ’09) missed a 35-yard field goal attempt for the Rhinos.

Just before the half, the Rhinos threatened to score again. However, tight end Shawn Brady was tackled inside the five after his catch, and the time ran out.

Hanover led by two scores at the break.

“Rain was a factor in the beginning,” current Rhinos running back Jeremy Knaub said. “It was actually pretty close at half, then we just came out pounding, and smoked them.”

The floodgates opened in the second half.

Knaub started the watershed with a 12-yard touchdown run early in the third. He ripped away from a sure tackle at the 10, regained his momentum, and burst down the visiting sideline for the third Hanover score of the day.

Knaub bounced to the left for a 25-yard touchdown later in the third.

He completed the hat-trick with a 65-yard jaunt into the end zone early in the fourth.

“The 65-yarder was a sweep to the right that I cut back across the grain, and literally had everyone beat by 10-15 yards,” Knaub said.

Caleb Burns recorded an interception midway through the final quarter to set up another touchdown.

Moore, now at quarterback, dumped the ball off to Carrick in the left flat. Carrick navigated his way through 11 yards, and stretched the ball out as he was tackled across the goal line.

Desmond Powell broke up the shutout when he scored for the Cannons on a screen pass in the fourth quarter. The final score was 54-8.

Easter Goose-Egg


Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost, Hanover Rhinos.

The Rhinos were held to 0 points and 0 yards in their loss to Germantown. Read the game recap here: https://hanoverrhinosblog.wordpress.com/game-recaps-2/

Germantown 32, Hanover 0

Easter Goose-Egg: Rhinos get shutout in Germantown


Hanover Rhinos’ defenders Joseph Wysocki (49) and Jeremy Renoll tackle Alex Murphy (8) of the Germantown Gladiators during the third quarter Saturday night. Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost, Hanover Rhinos.

SILVER SPRING, Md.- Lloyd Welford nabbed his first interception of the season, and Michael Small set a personal best with a 40-yard catch, but the Rhinos couldn’t overcome Andre Brown’s 5 touchdown passes, as they fell 32-0 to Germantown, on Easter Eve at Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreational Park.

However, not even 5 turnovers, nor netting 0 yards of total offense, could break apart the family that is the 2016 Hanover Rhinos.

After an emotional game that saw a combined 14 penalties for 135 yards, and ended 50 seconds early because of boiling tempers, the Rhinos players stuck together.

With several scrums breaking out on the field after the final play, many Rhinos players acted as peacemakers, guiding teammates away from the fire, and a few moments later, after everyone settled down, both teams went through the handshake line without incident.

Head coach Ben Davis’ post-game talk saw the whole team gather together and actively listen to what was being said.

In an inspirational moment, the smallest player on the team, Danny Wonder, asked to lead the post-game breakout. Travis Garretson hoisted Wonder into the air to meet the circle of Rhinos’ raised arms, and Wonder led the teams’ battle-cry.

“I’m praying for (a close team),” Davis said. “I want guys that eat together, sleep together, and get ready every day together, no matter what. I want them to be able to fight on Monday, fight on Tuesday, fight on Wednesday, and to want to pick their chicken gizzards up and fight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, too, that’s what I want.”

The Rhinos (1-2) offense showed a lot of fight during the first drive on Saturday.
Quarterback Amir Pearson, who started, broke a tackle in the backfield and ran for 8 yards and a first down before the drive bogged down.

On the next play, miscommunication on the direction of the handoff broke DeAnte Weldon’s momentum, and he scrambled backwards trying to escape before losing 15 yards.

Jordan Banks’ 32-yard punt netted zero yards when Richard Foreman, Jr. returned the kick back to the Hanover 17. Jason Landis saved a touchdown with a big hit along the sideline.

Three plays later, Gabe Wayne got a knee down in the back of the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown. Quarterback Andre Brown’s pass was intended for Foreman, Jr. in the front corner of the end zone, but, while Brown rolled right, his pass drifted toward the middle of the end zone.

Jordan Gardner helmed the next drive for Hanover, and it was a three-and-out. Hanover would not pick up another first down until the fourth quarter. It had 3 first downs for the game.

Germantown’s (2-0) next drive started at the Hanover 36. It ended with a missed field goal.

Holder Victor Calderon hauled down a high snap, but David Savage’s 36-yard attempt banged off the inside of the left goalpost, halfway up.

When Pearson returned for drive three, he threw two incompletions and lost 17 yards on a fumbled snap.

On the third play of the second quarter, Brown showcased pinpoint accuracy when he lofted the ball over safety Jack Isennock and into the hands of Foreman, Jr. at the two, for a 31-yard touchdown, and Germantown led 13-0.

Jordan Banks’ 41-yard punt put a live ball on the Germantown side of the 50 for the first time in the game. The ball tipped off Foreman, Jr.’s hands and rolled to the 15. He picked it up and raced up to the 28-yard line where he was leveled by Isennock.

Brown tossed up a deep ball from the Germantown 38, looking for Dustin Thompson. Isennock settled under the ball, and Welford also had a lock on the ball.
Welford reached up and snagged the pigskin, falling over Thompson immediately after.
“Well, I saw the receiver get past our corner, so I just got on my horse, and just ran backwards,” Welford said, “Then, I just looked up and located the ball, and my hands took care of the rest.”

Thompson was injured on the play, but returned to the game later.

Victor Hall picked up the first of his two sacks for Germantown on the next play. Then, Alex Isennock got a finger to a high pass by Gardner, potentially saving an interception.

Lindsay Murray made a basket-catch for an interception at the Hanover 34 on third down, but Germantown came up empty when Savage missed a 48-yard field goal attempt short.
Amir Pearson caught the ball and paused, looking at the back judge, before realizing the ball was live, and he returned it 34 yards to the Hanover 25.

A personal foul on Andre Joppy advanced the ball to the Hanover 40, and Hanover had 48 seconds until halftime to move the ball.
However, Hall jumped Gardner’s pass in the flat, tapped it, caught it, and took off down the sideline, his eyes on the end zone. Jordan Banks chased him down at the 1.

With 25 seconds and 1 timeout, Brown took to the air. He rolled right, and aimed the ball into the low window. Hall went to his knees, scooped the ball, and curled up on top of it for the touchdown.

Germantown led 20-0 at the half.

Foreman, Jr. burst down the middle of the field, and Brown found him for a 36-yard touchdown, his fourth of the game, early in the third quarter.

The extra point was an adventure, as Savage scooped up the high snap and ran back 40 yards along the Germantown sideline. Then, he raced across toward the Hanover sideline, and made one defender miss before being planted by Jeremy Renoll at the 34.

Mike Myers and Leo Vinson recorded interceptions for Germantown on the next two Hanover drives.

Hanover took possession at its own 33 with 10:00 left in regulation, with -46 yards of offense to its credit.

Hanover picked up its 1st first-down in 49 minutes of game action on a 5-yard keeper by Pearson, however, he was knocked out of the game with an injury on the play.

Gardner entered and warmed up immediately with a 40-yard strike to Small. Small fought off a hold by the corner, jumped and caught the ball, and almost wrestled away for his third touchdown of the season, on his third catch of the year.

The next snap went to Gardner’s right, and Dion Anderson recovered for the Gladiators.

Brown’s fifth touchdown pass was a 65-yarder to Wayne, on a blown coverage on 2nd-and-29 with 50 seconds to go.

Brown threw for 209 yards, and Germantown outgained Hanover 278-0.

Emotional Homecoming


Photo Credit- Ursula H. Yost, Hanover Rhinos

The Rhinos prepare for a very emotional game against the Germantown Gladiators. Read the preview here: https://hanoverrhinosblog.wordpress.com/game-day-preview/