Rhino Bites

Our next edition of Rhino Bites features a well-traveled player who spent 2017 with three teams- the Harrisburg Pharaohs, Susquehanna Valley Knights, and Central Penn Piranha. He is a multi-faceted playmaker who appears set to help the Rhinos in all three phases of the game this season.



Age: 23                                      Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa           Class: Cumberland Valley ’12         Positions: KR/PR/WR/FS

#1. What do you love the most about the game of football?

JG: I love the thrill, I love. I mean I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old, so I love the mental aspect of the game, too.

#2. When you say ‘mental aspect of the game’, what exactly do you mean?

JG: I mean how, like, football is like a life size version of chess- you have to use your mind to beat the other team.

#3. Which do you prefer, making a great athletic play, or beating an opponent with a great play call/minor adjustment that gets you the position you need?

JG: I prefer to win, and if a great play come with, then that’s just a plus.

#4. Tell our readers about your football history.

JG: I’ve been playing football since I was 6 years old. I played football for the Linglestown Colts. I played my freshman-senior year at CD East and Cumberland Valley High School, and played semi-pro for the Central Penn Piranha.

#5. When you left your previous team, what led you toward the Rhinos?

JG: Well I’ve been in talks with Noah (Sneeringer) as my Piranhas (fall) season was going on, and I’m good friends with (two-way tackle and team leader) Dustin Lauver. They were telling a lot about the organization- how they help out the community a lot. I do a lot of things for the kids, so I wanted to be a part of that. Also, I wanted to be part of the building process.


Well, folks, another edition of Rhino Bites is in the books. Stay tuned for our next new player segment, featuring Carroll County native Josiah Angell.




Rhino Bites

We’re 63 days away from Hanover Rhinos football in 2018! In the meantime, we introduce you to more new players.



Birthday: October 10                     Hometown: Hanover, PA                Class: South Western ’14               Position: defensive tackle

#1. How did you hear about the Hanover Rhinos?

DB: By reading Rhino Charge.

#2. What made you want to join the team?

DB: I always wanted to play football in high school but never tried out. So I decided I change that.

#3. What interests you the most about playing football?

DB: Everything. I just love to play football. Although my favorite part is flattening people.

#4. What was it like being part of your first Hanover Christmas parade as a member of the Rhinos?

DB: It was great. I loved seeing the look on the kids’ faces.

#5. What’s been your favorite part of being a Hanover Rhino so far?

DB: Everything. Especially being able to tackle and try to flatten people.


Be on the lookout for more Rhino Bites segments this weekend. Up next are newcomers John Gotti and Josiah Angell.


Rhinos’ Alter 2018 Home Uniforms


HANOVER, Pa.– For the second consecutive year, the Hanover Rhinos will make changes to their game day uniforms.

This time, the major changes are to the home uniform.

Snacktown’s warriors will be sporting an all-black “color rush” look on Saturday afternoons at Manheim Adventure Park in the upcoming season.
“It was a group effort among myself, Chris (Bunty) and Adam (Bostian),” Rhinos head coach Noah Sneeringer said. “I can’t recall who had the original idea of the color rush theme, but it came up when we started talking about new uniforms (in fall 2016).”

Four NFL teams wore all-black “color rush” uniforms on Thursday nights this season. The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers were victorious in their games, while the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers stumbled while going with the dark look.

“It’s different, but we all like it. Look good, feel good, play good,” Hanover Rhinos’ veteran lineman Dustyn Lauver said of the new uniforms.
Lauver, who wore red at Bermudian Springs High School added that he’d miss the red a little bit. “Yeah. I’ve always been surrounded by red. It’s my favorite color.”

Newcomer John Gotti offered a very Washington Wizards-like look on the black “color rush” uniforms. “Love them, because we’re dressing in all black, like it’s the other team’s funeral.”

The red, black and gray home uniforms have been retired after three seasons (2014-17). They were introduced on 3/14/15 in a season-opening loss to the Virginia Vengeance, and they did not bring the Rhinos great luck, as Hanover went 3-13 while wearing the tri-colored threads.
The Rhinos were 5-8 wearing any other uniform during the same time span, including 1-3 wearing the white away uniforms in 2017.
The player-favorite white jerseys are back as the primary away look for 2018. However, the team’s secondary pants color has changed from gray to white. The pants can be matched with either jersey to create an alternate look.


Rhino Bites

Rhino Bites is back with a look at two new players. One is a former veteran member of the rival Carroll County Cannons who joined the Hanover Rhinos after his old team folded this fall, and the other is a York native who looks to grab the role as the Rhinos’ key gap-plugger up front.


tj mcc

Age: 29                          Hometown: Mt. Airy, Md        Class: South Carroll ’06              Positions: S/Athlete

#1. What made you decide to join the Hanover Rhinos after your previous team, the Maryland Cannons folded?

TM: When the Maryland Cannons folded, (a few teammates and I) decided we wanted to go somewhere organized. We knew the Rhinos have been around some time, have a writer, film, coaches, and hadn’t forfeited a game due to lack of players.

#2. The Rhinos have never forfeited a game in their six-year history. How important was that factor in the decision?

TM: Very, attendance has been an issue with the Cannons since the championship year in 2012. That was largely the most important aspect in my decision.

#3. Describe that 2012 Carroll County Cannons AFA Championship team and what it was like to be a part of it.

TM: The team was just so talented. I’m pretty sure that defense could have shut down some low end D-1 college offenses. And the offense didn’t make many mistakes. Most complete team I’d ever been around.

#4. What do the 2018 Hanover Rhinos have to do to be like that team and compete for a championship?

TM: Keep working like we were before the holiday break. Having 30-35 guys at practice on a routine basis goes a long way. You can’t get better as a unit without that. It helps to know what the other 10 guys around you are going to do in different situations.

#5. What are your impressions of the Hanover Rhinos’ family after your first few practices with the team?

TM: I’m still getting to know some of the guys. It’s different coming from a team as the most-tenured player and suddenly being new. So I’ve been a bit more withdrawn than usual. It feels like a good group, though.



Age: 30                                Hometown: Airville, Pa              Class: Red Lion ’05                  Position: Nose tackle

#1. Tell our readers about your football history.

CM: I played on the D-line and O-line. I never played in senior high school. I played in youth and middle school.

#2. Which do you like better, offense or defense?

CM: Defense.

#3. Why do you prefer defense?

CM: You get to tackle/hit people.

#4. You are a big fan of Donald Penn, offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, and can be seen wearing his jersey at practice. Tell our readers what you like about his game.

CM: In the 10 seasons he’s been in the NFL, he has yet to miss a game, until this (Monday) night, when he got hurt during Sunday night football against the Dallas Cowboys. You can also say he is one of the best left tackles out there.

#5. How does watching Donald Penn help you on the field?

CM: Well, with me being on defense, to beat the best, you have to study your opponent very close. But you have to beat the best. He’s one of the best pass and run blockers out on that field.

#6. What’s your biggest strength as a defensive lineman?

CM: My determination not to give up.

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Rhino Bites

Rhino Bites charges on with another look into the football life of another new member of the Hanover Rhinos.



Age: 19                                       Hometown: Baltimore, Md           Class: Hereford ’16                               Positions: Safety

#1. Tell our readers about your football playing experience.

ND: I’ve been playing since age 5-6. Rec at Hereford, 2 years of high school football at Kennard-Dale, and senior year at Hereford high school. I’ve played quarterback and safety my whole life, with punter and kick-off thrown in the mix as well. My dad has coached me since I started playing, and I had a former Baltimore Bulls semi-pro player and Hereford quarterback teach me the rest of my skills at the end of my rec career, for quarterback as well.

#2. What are the major differences between playing high school football in Pennsylvania and playing high school football in Maryland?

ND: Well, I’m not gonna bash PA sports, because a lot of them are very good, but coming from Maryland into Pennsylvania, the sports mindset wasn’t what I was expecting. I remember being told because I came from (Maryland), I probably wouldn’t get a lot of playing time, and sure enough, I didn’t see the field a lot. The players were big, very big, which most high schools are, so it didn’t come by surprise, but the want to play just didn’t seem like it was there in Pennsylvania sports, at least for my school. Going back into Hereford, it was definitely what I was expecting, the players had the want to win. We weren’t the doormats of the state like we were in my past school, we won games, our practices were conducted fairly. Everyone was given a chance to show what they had no matter what, so overall there was some big differences, which is why I was slightly nervous about playing another sport in Pennsylvania, but from the first practice with this family of Rhinos, I realized it’s not at all like I thought it was and I’m happy to be able to call myself a Rhino.

#3. What’s your favorite memory on a football field?

ND: I would have to say my last year in rec football going 7-2 is the best memory. We beat everyone we had to play against except lost to North Harford our first game against them by 1 point, then beat them by 1 and then lost again, but it just showed who the best teams were in our division, and that will be a year I’ll never forget. Every time I step on the football field, I think about that year and I just hope I can make new memories with my new family.

#4. What is the Rhino family all about?

ND: To me, being new, from what I’ve seen is working hard, working as a team, when someone’s falling behind, you turn around and you drive them to finish. We’re all each other’s motivators. When someone does something wrong, they hear it from everyone not because they’re bad, but because everyone knows what we’re capable of. We just have to have the drive to achieve success and we can’t do that without everyone single one of us pushing each other, we’re one big family. We’re all in this for the same reason.

#5. How can you best describe the goals for the 2018 Hanover Rhinos team?

ND: I think we are pushing for one, getting everyone to be one family and playing for each other, not ourselves, and more importantly, getting that championship.


Remember, fans, you can catch brand-new interview segments with brand-new members of the Hanover Rhinos every week, here on Rhino Charge, the official blog of the Hanover Rhinos football team.