Roses & Horns Finale

We wrap up Valentine’s week with our final matchup of Roses & Horns.

Who knows this Rhino cornerback better, his soulmate or his defensive backfield mate? Red, 32, hut, hut!


Charles may be the Rhinos’ shutdown corner, but he’s on an island on this one! Its Carol with the win, and an Olympic record 6.57 score.

Final medal count: Roses: 15. Horns: 5.


Roses & Horns, Olympic Trial #2

Match number two of Roses & Horns features talks of Olympic football and a local high school football rivalry.
Phoenix Russell’s Littlestown-graduate girlfriend competes against his old Bermudian Springs teammate to see who knows Phoenix better.


Score another win for Team Roses!

Overall Medal Count: Roses: 9. Horns: 5.

Roses & Horns, Olympic Trial #1

Hello and welcome to our Olympic-themed Hanover Rhinos Valentines’ game. You may remember us doing this feature for the first time last year. It’s exactly the same this year- a Rhinos player or staff member is asked questions. Who knows them better- their significant other, or a close friend from the team?
The questions tell the story. Points are awarded to the significant other and the teammate for each correct answer. Each question is worth two points.
The competition will conclude after 5 sets of couples have answered the questions. As each matchup completes, you will see the final score for that matchup, as well as an overall score for the “Roses” and the “Horns”.
The significant others will earn points for the Roses, while the friends will earn points for the Horns.
The overall score will be calculated differently this year. Instead of each matchup counting as one total point, every single point earned in each individual matchup will count. The overall score will be counted in terms of “gold medals”, which are earned for each full point earned by an individual.
The team with the most gold medals at the end wins!

Here is the first matchup. Enjoy!


Medal Count: Roses: 3. Horns: 0.

Rhino Bites

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a new Rhino Bites segment, so we figured it was about time to do another one. Today’s segment features million-dollar hair, a look-a-like to an NBA star that just got traded, and small-town football atmosphere.



Age:21                      Hometown: Taneytown, Md.                                      Class: Francis Scott Key ’14 Position: Linebacker

#1. What made you want to come out and play for the Hanover Rhinos this season?

JA: Mainly because I haven’t played on a tackle football team since 2009 and I really miss it. Since I’m not in a college with a football team, semi-pro is the only way to go.

 #2. In what school are you currently enrolled?

JA: Carroll Community College.
#3. What do you love most about football?
JA: Probably playing under the lights. I love after every game going and talking underneath the lights.
#4. What did you love most about the atmosphere of high school football?
JA: It was a small town, we didn’t have a lot of players. Everyone was close, there were no cuts. Everyone was part of the team.
#5. What excites you the most about being back out there?
JA: Going to the championship. I feel this team has potential and a lot of talent. I’ve never been when I was younger.
#6. Is there a player you model your game after or look up to?
JA: Ray Lewis. He’s a great leader and a great linebacker. He’s probably one of the best to ever play the game.

Age: 29                                            Hometown: York, Pa.            Class: William Penn ’07                 Position: Defensive end

#1. How did you hear about the Hanover Rhinos?

FG: I was looking for a team to join, asked a couple people what teams are close by me, and they said York and Hanover, so i picked Hanover and contacted them.
#2. What was most attractive about Hanover?

FG: The respect everyone has for one another and the unity is what makes Hanover attractive in my eyes.
#3. Tell our readers a little about yourself. What are some of your hobbies?
FG: I was born and raised in York, Pa. I started playing football when I was in middle school. I also play a little recreational flag football. My hobbies are spending time with my kids and family, and working out.
#4. Do you have any nicknames, and is there a story behind them?
FG: Yes, Blake Griffin. People say we look alike and plus, I’m always the big man when I play basketball. I also go by the name reds. I got that nickname because of my hair.
#5. Tell our readers about your hair. When did you start wearing it the way you do, and what was your inspiration?
FG: My hair is naturally red. I always tell people I got that million-dollar hair because you can’t find too many people with natural red and curly hair like mine. I started wearing my hair like I do about two years ago because my inspiration is if I would ever cut my hair off, I’m going to donate my hair to Locks of Love for kids that have cancer.

Thanks, fans, for tuning into another edition of Rhino Bites. Keep your eyes peeled for more Rhino Bites segments as we head down the home stretch of the off-season and approach the 2018 regular season opener.