2018 Rhino Charge Team Set, Card 2

Hard to miss due to his size, impact plays, and vocal presence, the player featured on card number 2 of the 2018 team set led the Rhinos and entire Northern Conference in jersey sales. Just kidding, but it made for a good story.

The only story better (and true) was this player’s seamless transition to the offensive side of the ball one year after being named a league all-star on defense.


Debut of 2018 Rhinos Card Set

It has become customary for the staff here at Rhino Charge to release a digital team card set following every Hanover Rhinos season.

Well, it’s that time for 2018.

Throughout the next few months, we will release cards of each player and staff member. The set will be completed just before the start of fall training camp to prepare Santa Bowl VII.

These cards are exclusive to Rhino Charge and not available in printed form.

As always, the photos on the cards are credited to team photographer and team president Chris Bunty. You can check out some of his other work for Bunty Digital Designs here.

It is with great joy that we release the first card in the Rhino Charge 2018 team set.

The player featured has gone from last to first- he was the last player to get a card last year (due in large part to a snafu on our part). We thought we would honor the hard work of this faithful 3rd-year member of the Rhinos by giving him first dibs on virtual cardboard glory this year.

2018 MVP


Rhino Charge Awards Week 2018 wraps up with our 2018 team Most Valuable Player Award.
This award goes to the player judged to have been the most valuable to the Hanover Rhinos football team for the entire season, according to his peers.

The 2017 winner, Dustyn Lauver, did not repeat as MVP this year, with an early-season injury wiping out most of his 2018 campaign.

Taking home the MVP and winning his fifth award of the season is the same former U.S. Army combat engineer who was awarded the 2018 Defensive Player of the Year Award yesterday.



Photo Credit- Chris Bunty.

2018 Defensive Player of the Year

As Hanover Rhinos Awards Week 2018 winds toward its conclusion, we present the fourth of our five yearly awards.

This Defensive Player of the Year Award goes out to a deserving former Army Combat Engineer who made it his personal mission to tackle as many opposing ball-carriers as possible during the 2018 season.


WINNER: BEAR BERNARDI, Middle Linebacker

Photo Credit- Chris Bunty.

2018 Offensive Player of the Year

It sounds almost sad to say that we are now more than halfway through Hanover Rhinos’ Awards Week 2018, but we are getting closer to the unveiling of the prestigious Team MVP Award.

Today, we give out the Offensive Player of the Year Award. For the first time in the award’s young history, we are awarding it to someone other than an offensive lineman.

Earning his second award of the week is…



Photo Credit: Chris Bunty.

2018 Special Teams Player of the Year

It’s day two of Hanover Rhinos Awards Week 2018, which means it’s time to give out some more hard(soft?)ware.

Being awarded today is the 2018 Special Teams Player of the Year. This is the award that recognizes those unsung heroes on the Hanover Rhinos football team, the guys that do the dirty jobs that rarely get them press time.

Here is your more than deserving winner, and all others receiving votes.



Photo Credit- Chris Bunty.

2018 Rhino Horn Trophy

The second annual Rhino Horn Trophy is being awarded today.

This award goes to the Hanover Rhinos’ top fantasy scorer for the season. The scoring formula has changed slightly from last year, so don’t be alarmed that the point totals of the top finishers are markedly lower than last years’!

And now, here is the winner after a hard-fought and close battle.


2018 Points Breakdown
Total: 50.7 points
Offense: 44
Defense: 6.7

2. Bear Bernardi, MLB, 49.5 points
3. Phoenix Russell, WR/ LB/RB, 42.3 points
4. Dorell Blue, LB/DE, 41.6 points
5. Brian Eckard, DL, 38.0 points
6. Corbin Bailey, QB, 37.05 points
7. Adrian Acevedo, TE/LB, 32.9 points
8. T.J. McCauley, DB, 29.1 points
9. Jordan Snyder, CB, 27.8 points
10. Raydel Ragland, WR/RB/DB, 27.1 points

Photo Credit- Christopher Bunty.